Fuck God, Fuck Jesus, Fuck Religion, Fuck Islam – Worship Satan!



Fuck God.. God is fake. I don’t understand how people don’t see it. Its fucking obvious. The story of Jesus was taken from previous beliefs, and the story of God is just one big fabrication. There’s no other way to deal with God and religion than to fucking ridicule them. Whatever merits they have are outweighed by the bullshit that they cause. Fuck religion and fuck God too. And if you’re thinking of arguing that me saying, ‘fuck God’ in anyway gives credence to an unconscious belief in God in my part, then fuck yourself. Fuck God simply aims to piss you, the reader, off, not to offend God because in order to have the capacity to be offended, you would first have to exist. God does not.

I love the devil even though I don’t believe in him, but I love him for the mere fact that such a comment could frighten the religious. The devil is my lord and savior, he is my God. Truly he is the ONLY God worth believing in, because he is the anti to what the religious believe. He is what they hate, what they fear and so because of that, he is what I love.


I’ve been listening to a lot of satanic, anti-god/religion music lately, and God is it fucking sweet :)

Here are two of my favorites:

Bad Religion by Motor Fucking Head:

“I need no Gods or devils” “Evangelistic Nazis, you cannot frighten me” “If there be justice, burning hell awaits for me”

Here’s a song for the Catholics and other devout child molesters. The Pope Song by Tim Minchin

“Fuck the motherfucker, fuck the motherfucker, fuck the motherfucker, he’s a fucking motherfucker, fuck the motherfucker, fuck the fucking fucker, fuck the motherfucker, he’s a child fucking fucker, fuck the motherufkc, fuck the motherfucker, fuck the motherufkr, fucking fuck the motherfucker, fuck motherfucker, fuck the motherfucking pope! fuck the mothermother, and fuck you motherfucker if you think that motherfucker is sacred. If you cover for another motherufcking who’s a kiddy fucker, fuck you you’re no better than the motherfucking rapist”

16 comments on “Fuck God, Fuck Jesus, Fuck Religion, Fuck Islam – Worship Satan!

  1. its because there stupid brain dead believers, creationists, what ever one of those sort of thing you are your stupid science has millions of tons of evidence behind it and what have they got a book written by someone only carbon dating can tell which science discovered no religion needed all religious people should be killed no matter who they are even great people I mean im a fan of Muhammad ali I love the way he boxed with reflexes his guard down by his hips but I hate the fact hes a muslim why cant he be an atheist its because of the packi muslim idiot Elijah Muhammad but that’s how it is religion is the only true evil if there is one neither does satan exist because apparently according to that bullshit mother fucking retarded ass licking cock sucking cunts book called the bible which only retards believe and say its the word of god its all true that’s what happened

  2. Are you serious?

    All religious people need to be killed? I don’t think you’re serious, but if you really believe that then… yeah… that’s a little too much. Even for me…

  3. Hey idiot how did you get here then? Rose from dust on you own? Or did we just spawn from nothing? Also good job on the speech, swearing is the perfect way to convert people. Maybe you should learn we were put on this earth as a test, and at this point you’ve failed it thus far. So if you wanna woreship the devil be my guest, but what you don’t realise is that the devil is just about the same thing as god but the opposite so saying gods not real but the devil is is like saying there’s salt but no pepper. So you theory has more flaws in it than in our religion considering the devils considered a god too. So you might wanna learn before you post. I just can’t believe its taken till now for someone to own you!

    • Did you fuckin see yourself raised from the dust? Who the fuck told you…. Blind belief? What has Jesus done for you or the devil done against you…. Be busy in this…. Neither Jesus helps not satan this is all motherfuckin shit… My balls….. Jesus doesn’t love you he fucks you fucks your life…. Satan is what he is known for anyway….. As your heart what do you get by praising either one of them? SHIT!

  4. As is often the case, this religious nut failed to grasp what I wrote.

    I even stated in the post that I don’t REALLY believe in the devil… but honestly, if I could choose to believe in anything from the Christian religion, it would be the devil. He’s the one that gets the most shit from everybody but never seems to do anything wrong. God by contrast is this evil son of a bitch but is regarded as this all-good benevolent being. Makes no sense.

    I wasn’t trying to convert anyone. I was trying to insult as many religious people as possible. That, I thought was pretty obvious.

    I don’t know how we came about, and that is an answer I prefer over someone claiming to know the truth and that it comes in the form of some goD they will never be able to prove exists. Honestly, its no different than coming up with any other random bullshit explanation. Why is there lightning, one could ask. A bullshitter could just say that rocks fly up into the sky and explode somehow… its the same thing with goD. Completely irrational bullshit… And by your logic, if no one find an actual explanation, then the bullshit explanation is by default the right one? Hell no…
    God = fake.. its pretty fucking obvious

  5. Finally red your whole post and realised your just a mindless retard saying satans not real but you woreship him, yeah your smart. if he’s the opposite of religion then what’s a satanist? So if you don’t believe there’s a god your an athiust, so learn before you talk and good luck with life with that attitude, oh and god bless, trust me, your gunna need it!

    • I donno who this was directe to.,.. But then…. Go fuck yourself with the Jesus and satan shit…. Youotherfucker are still a motherfuckin puppet…. If Jesus is real tell him to reveal himself to me… N I will beat the fuckin shit out of him

  6. Good mother fuckin song … Mother fucker religios motherfuckin shit …. Satan and Jesus both motherfuck your life mother fuckin killin humanity mother fuckers

  7. All religions and the people who follow them need to go. The world would be a better place without you. Religion represents judgment,control,greed,hate,torture&murder. Just go away so us average working stiffs can live without fear of getting bombed or beheaded or bothered on sundays by dipshit mormons and jahovas on our doorsteps. Just go find your own planet and kill each other.

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