Review: Dragon Ball Z Kai – Ultimate Butouden for Nintendo DS + English Fan Translation, Videos & Full Character Roster (UPDATED May, 09 2011)

Dragon Ball Kai Ultimate Butouden Review for Nintendo DS

Brawlers on the Nintendo DS are usually less than stellar. That’s one of my biggest complaints, the lack of fighters on the system. While Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2 and Jump Ultimate Stars were good, they soon  showed their limitations with no note-worthy new releases in sight, that is… until Dragon Ball Kai Ultimate Butouden came along. Butouden came out of left field on February 3rd 2011 and delivered what is quite possibly the best fighting experience for the Nintendo DS. It’s a continuation of the Super Nintendo’s DBZ Butouden series, and it successfully captures the feel of the originals, while meshing it with new-school DBZ game styles. Think Street Fighter + DBZ Budokai and you may know what I’m getting at.

The Fighting: The fighting is a breath of fresh air. We’ve been bombarded with Tenkaichi and Budokai style games for so long (though they’re not bad), and now the DS brings along something that’s new without compromising any of the fun. It’s pretty simple really. The Y button is for weak attacks while the X for strong attacks. A is for grabbing and B is for dodging. You double tap Up or Down on the directional pad to… well ya know. It shouldn’t be that hard to figure it out. There is no block button. The way to deflect ki blasts is to simply do nothing. That’s right, if you see a blast headed towards you, press nothing and your character will block or deflect it automatically. Don’t let that put you off, it works pretty well once you’ve adjusted to it. Unlike most other DBZ fighters, not every character’s special attacks are executed with the same button combinations, which actually is a good thing. It gives an air of uniqueness to each character. In games like the Tenkaichi series, each fighter is discernible only by their appearance and special abilities. Otherwise they’d appear to be complete clones with minimal difference in fighting styles. Sometimes during hectic game-play, Butouden does seem to suffer a noticeable drop in frame-rate, and while it isn’t a deal breaker, it is rather unpleasant.

Here is a gameplay video of Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden. Uploaded by Morphattack

If there is one bad thing I had to say about this game, it’s that there are no in-game transformations. Surprisingly though, the fighting is challenging and offers enough DBZ appeal that I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would.

The Story Mode: If you read my Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team review for PSP, you know I had a beef with that game’s story mode. Thankfully though, Ultimate Butouden did it the right way. There’s no lame over-world map with repetitive battles, no RPGish feel that doesn’t belong in fighting games. Just straight out fighting with a straight-forward story. The game captures the series’ most dramatic moments with cinematic flare with a hand from the original Japanese voice actors. Sure, we’ve seen this done before, but never on a portable device.

Here’s a gameplay video covering the early portions of the story mode where Goku and Piccolo battle Raditz. Uploaded by Kimsparkle

SPOILER ALERT: In one of the What If stories, the roles get reversed for Goku and Krillin on Namek. Frieza blows Goku up and Krillin goes Super… Human??? and kicks some alien ass. If you need a reference or a better description of how the story is presented, think back to how it was done on the original Dragon Ball Z Budokai game, or just watch the video above.

The Character Roster: Ultimate Butouden has a surprisingly deep character roster. There are some omissions of course, but most every desirable character can be found here. Check the bottom of the page for a full list of every available character.

Graphics and Sound: Butouden is actually among the finer looking games on the DS portable. Sure, it’s a little rough around the edges sometimes but that’s easily forgivable. Each character was given a semi-chibi look, and considering it’s a DS we’re talking about, they each look quite well.  And continuing a tradition long-held in DBZ fighters, Butouden also has a few catchy tunes, including the official Dragon Ball Kai theme song. The Planet Namek theme is my favorite, by far.

Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden – English Fan-Translation

Screencap From Kosheh's Translation

For the time being, Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden is a Japan-only game. Believe me though, it is worth the import price especially considering that a North American release hasn’t even been suggested. A month before DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team released in Japan, there was already a set North American release date, which was one month after the Japanese release. However, Ultimate Butouden has already been released in Japan and there’s still no word if it will be coming to the states. I’d love to hear Sean Schemmel and the others again, but in case that doesn’t happen, there is a solution for us non-Japanese speaking DBZ fans who decide to import: A fan-translatation + a flash cart with a rom dumper.  GBATemp member, Kosheh, began immediate work on a translation patch, which if I may say so myself, is magnificent. The most crucial parts of the game have been translated, those being all of the character names, options screens and the like etc. Kosheh has even gone as far as translating the main menu’s graphics, so no more having to guess which mode is which. Unforunately there will no translation of the game’s Story Mode. Translation progress has ceased.

What Was Translated?

1.) Character Names
2.) Stage Names
3.) Most Technique Names
4.) Most Item Names
5.) Story Mode’s Chapter Titles
6.) Main Menu Graphics
7.) Options Screens
+ many others things

How To Apply Kosheh’s Dragon Ball Kai – Ultimate Butouden v53a Patch:

1.) Download the clean rom from HERE   (A clean rom is a rom that has not been altered in any way) That is one option, or, if you have a rom dumper and the actual Japanese cartridge, extract the game file from the cart.
2.) Download the patch from HERE
3.) Extract the rom from the rar file and extract the patch from the zip file
4.) In the patch’s folder you should see a bunch of files. The one you want is “DragUntrimmedROMhere.bat file
5.) Drag your Ultimate Butouden clean rom onto the .bat file
6.) Select Run
7.) It should now say that it is patching. When it is complete, press any key to exit.

Done: now your game has been patched.

To keep up with Kosheh’s translation progress, visit this link

Review – Continued

The game also features a variety of game modes along with the ability to customize your fighters, and this time not just in the power department. Ultimate Butouden offers players the option to edit any character’s appearance. So if you’d like to, you can give Future Trunk’s sword to Goku or to Kid Trunks, or even equip Kid Gohan with the red Dragon Ball hat that he wore on the very first episode of Dragon Ball Z. For satire’s sake, you can even give that same red hat to Frieza lol. But there is one option I’d love, but have yet to see implemented in a Dragon Ball Z game. That is the option to fully create a brand new character, from name, to eye style, attire, hair, lineage (Saiyan, Human or Alien) and even the moveset, much like the Create A Superstar modes in the long-running WWE SVR series. Still though, most of Ultimate Butouden remains in Japanese, so I can’t offer a useful critique in these areas. Once a bigger slice of the game is in English, I’ll be updating this review. Oh yeah, how  was I able to critique the story-mode if I couldn’t even read it? Easy, I already know the entire original story inside and out, from Goku’s early adventures with Bulma, Yamcha and the gang, to the birth of Uub.:)

Pros: Hmmm, not much… only everything:)

Cons: There isn’t much to be upset about here minus a few minor peeves, but even these don’t really quell my enthusiasm for Ultimate Butouden.

1) No in-game transformations, but that’s not a major turn-off. The fighting is good enough as is.
2) Noticeable drop in frame-rate (slow-down) during intense fights
3) No North American release date: Seriously… The first GREAT Dragon Ball fighter in a while, and bar none thee best fighter for DS, and we probably won’t even get an official release outside of Japan? That’s just shameful

Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden – Character Roster:

Column 1:

Goku: Super Saiyan 1
Goku: Super Saiyan 2
Goku: Super Saiyan 3

Column 2:

Kid Gohan
Teen Gohan
Teen Gohan: Super Saiyan 1
Teen Gohan: Super Saiyan 2
Adult Gohan
Adult Gohan Super Saiyan 1
Goten: Super Saiyan

Column 3:

Vegeta: Super Saiyan 1
Vegeta: Super Saiyan 2
Majin Vegeta
Kid Trunks
Kid Trunks: Super Saiyan
Gotenks: Super Saiyan 3

Column 4:

Piccolo (Nail, the lone Namek who stood up to Frieza to protect The Namek Elder and the Dragon Balls, is an alternate costume)
King Kai (For the first time ever, King Kai is a playable character in a Dragon Ball fighting game)
Future Trunks: Blue Jacket (Future Trunks with Saiyan armor is an alternate costume)
Future Trunks: Super Saiyan

Column 5:


Column 6:

Frieza: Final Form (Base form Frieza is an alternate costume)
Mecha Frieza
Captain Ginyu
Broly: Legendary Super Saiyan

Column 7:

Cell : Perfect Form
Android 16
Android 17
Android 18
Android 20 aka Dr.Gero
Fat Buu
Super Buu
Kid Buu

33 comments on “Review: Dragon Ball Z Kai – Ultimate Butouden for Nintendo DS + English Fan Translation, Videos & Full Character Roster (UPDATED May, 09 2011)

  1. Actually it wasn’t me who translated it. There are two separate translations going on at the moment. One is translation is being done by Kosheh from GBATemp and by him alone, and the other is being done by Elza and his team… I provided links to both their translation topic threads, so if you want to check out their progress, click on those links:)

  2. Well some weeks ago Kosheh stopped working on the translation to play the new Pokemon White/Black game, and Elza’s patch kinda fell through. He didn’t deliver, and as of yet we still don’t know if Kosheh will continue to work on the patch. All is well though, even if he stops, most of the game minus the story mode is now in english and fully playable.

    Just an update

  3. Sorry to hear that…. I never had that problem myself aside from a certain glitch where the game froze while performing certain characters’ Ultimate techniques, but that was fixed in this revision. I don’t have this game, nor my Nintendo DS Lite anymore. So the only advice I can give you would be to try the patch again, perhaps it simply messed up. Or make an account at GBATemp and request help in this link:

    If the problem persists then there’s probably nothing that can be done about it because Kosheh, the person who started this patch, has since stopped working on it.

  4. i really wish this game would have a release date for the states already!😦 i wanna get it and experience 4 myself it’s awesomeness…

  5. It’s been out almost a year now… I don’t think it’s going to be localized. That’s unfortunate because it really is a great game. I guess you’re only option, if you want to play this game that badly, is to buy a flashcard with a microsd and then download this game…

  6. maby its harder to do it in English?i don’t know………… its probably gonna come out in 2012.(i didn’t check the date of this im as eager as dee16!!!!!!!!

  7. nah… highly doubt that… DBZ Shin Budokai for PSP has probably 10 x as much text as ultimate butouden and that game was localized. I don’t see why it’d be harder to do it. Maybe they just don’t think it would sell in NA….

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  9. Get a problem – cant download the patch? the website isnt found – can anyone give me a another link? thanks!

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