New Study Confirms Religious People Are Stupid – Here’s Why




  • You put facts in front of them and they either do not understand them or will ignore them.
  • They claim homosexuality is a choice yet don’t realize that if at any moment in your life, you had to choose between homosexuality and heterosexuality, you are neither. Instead you are bisexual.
  • They claim marriage is a religious institution and again, they’re oblivious to the fact that they’re simply flat out wrong. Marriage has been around far longer than today’s religions, including Christianity. But it doesn’t matter if you tell them that because they’ll just keep regurgitating the same erroneous crap.

“I agree 100% wit this dude. All gays need to b killed. Hitler style. That sh*t ain’t normal.

fu*k anyone in this thread that supports gay marriage, you fu*king clowns.”

  • Debating them is a waste of time because they are stupid. They are so stupid that I can’t even think of a word to describe how stupid they really are.
  • They do not realize that their beliefs are entirely subjective and are essentially no different, in any way, than the beliefs of Ancient Greeks, or of the Aztecs, or the Mayans. Your religions are just modern versions of older ones. In time they will be GONE just like Zeus, Thor, Poseidon, Odin. Your beliefs are no fu*king different.
  • The evidence is against them and they have none to support their claims, but they still try to argue as if their beliefs are factual.
  • Just because your beliefs can’t be disproved means absolutely nothing. I can’t prove there isn’t an invisible dancing fairy behind me right now. Does that mean that there is an invisible dancing fairy behind me? I don’t even HAVE to disprove your fairy tales. The mere fact that you have zero evidence makes them negligible to me. Just think, would you take seriously the argument of a boy who tells you that there is a giant fucking singing evil invisible blob on the moon, but gives you no proof, or even the slightest bit of evidence? What if he then told you to disprove it? Would you even bother? Think about it. THAT’s HOW I FEEL… ABOUT YOU!
  • The absence of a rational explanation isn’t evidence of an irrational explanation.
  • They believe that the Earth is 6000 years old and that every species came into existence at the same time.
  • Crazy Christians believe that people who suffer in our modern world (for example, the Jews during the Holocaust) are being punished for sins they committed in a previous life.
  • They nit pick what parts of the bible to believe. That’s why there are Gay Christians. They only believe what they want, and they ignore all the horrible, disgusting and absurd shit.
  • They believe that the Earth was made before the Sun. Seriously. It says so right in the very first page of The Old Testament.
  • They actually believe that every thing in the bible literally happened. They believe that Jesus walked on water, and came back to life after having been dead for 3 days, that God killed everyone in a world wide flood and that he sent his own son to Earth to be tortured killed for our sins. He sent his own son to be killed. Re-read that. God set his own son up and had him wacked. Am I crazy? Am I the only person who thinks that may be a little bit extreme?
  • And finally, they believe that they are the smartest sentient beings in the entire universe. Why is that? Because they actually believe that they know for a fact, that God, an unknowable being for which there is no evidence, exists, and that they can SPEAK with him. If some being who we’d call God actually existed, it would be unfathomable. I’d hate to reduce such a collosal being to a bitter, child-like, Hitlerish Tyrant who interferes with measly human affairs, who picks sides and condemns his own children, whom he loves so much, to an eternity of suffering.



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  1. Thank you so much. I’m so fed up with religion, I just want people to see how stupid they really are for believing and GROW UP!

    • Stop calling people stupid and keep things simple. God seeks. If he is not a personal God, then he is a useless God. If he does not know whats best for you, then he does not deserve to be called the God of love, and be your master. Better not be a slave to such a God. With regards to that, consider yourself lucky then, bc God did not seek you, at least not yet it seems. Instead you have your own place, find your own way, be it science or whatever. We all have our place, sometimes it doesnt make sense that others suffer, but sometimes were meant to see it so we can do something about it. Without variety, we cant have choice, and wouldnt be able to tell if were happy or not.

  2. Omg. Please post this inside every bus! Crazy religious people everday try to convice Me. They know nothing about history or science, and they try to have a conversation with someone who.does. they even went as far as telling me “your parents should take you out of school you are getting corrupted.” I especially hate the crazy religious people who say ” god has forgiven then for their bad sins” some of them are X-cons! I just usually tell them god will never forgive yoy if he does exist. You are not a good person! They get so mad one of them even followed me! I’m underage! I was so scared I had to call my dad!

    • Careful. When “end of world”(as they claimed it) symptom really happened, religious people will blame us as the main cause of it’s happening. They’ll accuse us as being “not religious enough” so “God” sent punishment to whole humanity. When they get some fortune and non religious got none they’ll invite us as their fortune comes from “God” as their reward for being religious.
      Religion is really dangerous indeed.

      • ‘end of world’ symptoms happen every day (have been for the last billion years), that is why religions had such high reigns. Religions are the ‘superstitions’ of a child. Eventually someone says to a child: Look, those presents you got (omens you have read and we interpretted for you), we bought them. Same should be with religious people. Like with Cosplay, if you really want to, you can dress up some day of the week and play you are still in the dark ages, but stop acting as if you are actually still there during the day!

      • Agreed even thought it’s there fault for most things because they ingore facts like whats causing global warming and are like “its gods punishment it must be fufilled”.
        I have nothing against religion just the Idiots who follow it and I am fine with religous people unless they are ignorant bastards.

      • There is no evidence to support human caused global warming. In fact there has been no warming for two decades. Liberal douchebags are just as insane as religious nuts. Neither bother to check facts and simply regurgitate whatever the last moron excreted into their bowl.

  3. Making the fallacious presumption that religious people are intrinsically stupid is bold, stereotypical, demonstrably ignorant and hypocritical. It seems Ad hominem attacks once again take precedence over rational debate.

    • Rational and religion do not mix well together. I do agree with you about debating but honestly if you believe in religion and have a higher education… I believe you are a lost cause. I do not think there is anything I could tell you to believe otherwise (at that point). For me to show someone that it is ignorant to believe in religion, they would first have to be honest with themselves. Denial is a hard thing to break. It frustrates me to see nice people, (that I believe to be smart) to be so ignorant at the same time. It is also hard, because I want people to be happy and for some people religion is part of every aspect of their life. Without it I feel they may be lost. Which is why I feel even when people are educated they still seem to not let go. The reason I wish people would separate themselves from religion is because I believe the bible(s) is are full of a lot of evil crap with also some good moral advice and lessons. The problem I see though, is that people ignore the terrible things the bible teaches and cherry picks all the nice things. Anyways, I must go now… SLOWLY but surely I see religion dying out a bit. Which is a great thing in my eyes. One life to live… make it the best and treat people with respect and kindness.


      I dont like religion either.. But come on!

      • I can get along with individuals that deter their own rational thinking, but when these individuals deter the rational thinking of others, it’s time to step in. Deterring stem cell research and crashing planes into towers is not acceptable. This is why we can’t get along.

      • Reality show different thing. If majority population become extremely religious, you’ll become their sacrificial lamb. Every good thing will be taken as their credits. Every unfortunate and bad thing will be blamed on US. Religions enslave people to be the religion leader’s bitches. They’ll willingly dying in suicidal bombing by mere “guaranteed place in heaven” speech. If they can bring as much as ” EVIL people” (as they claimed) along with them, they’ll be happily sent their life away.
        Get along? We’re gonna get extinct before that even happened.

      • How can we get along? The ignorance of religion is used to control and corrupt every aspect of the political and educational systems throughout the entire world.
        Being a “Stupid Moron” is relative. Being religious puts your intelligence closer to that of an Ape than someone who is an atheist.

    • No where in his post did I see any statement that demonstrated the assumption that religious people are intrinsically stupid. The author had strong arguments and valid reasons for his judgements.

    • Its actually right on target. How else do u characterize a person who believes a BOOK is true, simply because the BOOK says so ?.. i also, dont mind ad hominem as long as the idea is refuted as well…

    • It’s no “fallacious presumption” that religious people are stupid…it is a fact. They are all at a marked disadvantage against atheists because their own reasoning of truth and logic is fatally flawed.

      A sane person cannot hold and live by views, and with technology, that has been established by the very same scientific method that contradicts religious dogma at every turn.

      As a person ages they learn science and grow to understand it more deeply by observing the world around them. Religion is the opposite. Most religious adults were brainwashed into the cult at an early age because churches try to get ’em while they’re young and gullible. After that there’s only more blind ignorance.

      The smart people see through the lies and deception before puberty and either abandon the church, or maintain their “faith” for political reasons, happy in the knowledge that they have access to a pool of idiotic sheep who they can exploit.

      Ask a religious person if they can tell you where god exists anywhere but in their imagination. If they say “He’s everywhere” then say “Okay, show me!”

    • You think you are smart just because you know some big words, that you probably looked up right before making that comment? I think religious people are STUPID, and not because of their I.Q. levels, but because they believe an imaginary figment is controlling their lives. If you saw some man sitting on a park bench and muttering to someone who isn’t there, then you would probably assume he was mentally ill, but as long as he is “praying” then its totally fine.

      • What if you saw a man talking to himself, but he actually had on a blue tooth that you were unaware of? Once you found out he was actually communicating with someone, would you still perceive him as stupid?

  4. Yes, it’s also stupid, stereotypical and demonstrably ignorant to believe that I actually think every religious person is stupid. Would I have to make it a point to highlight the fact that I’m only speaking of the extremists? In fact, I believe I did numerous times in the post, but nevermind that.

    What was that last thing you said? Rational debate? What rational debate? There can be no rational debate when the opposition’s entire position is based on something so irrational.

    • Religious people are like insects. Have no individuality but act as the bait for their religion’s leader. They don’t mind die as long as they get promising place in their so called “HEAVEN”. Rational? Their only rational reference is their leader’s doctrine. It’s almost impossible to debating with someone that controlled as their leader’s puppet.

  5. I think that calling religious people Stupid is maybe a step too far. I agree with you… But bear with me… Ignorant is the word I would use. I think it better describes them. Closed minded fits too.

    Really I wish we could all just get along. If religion were to adapt… They could have their cake AND eat it. We all could! I would eat a little god cake if god created heaven and earth 14 billion years ago. Scientists admit when they are wrong. They reformulate so it fits. Then they move on. I would suggest that Christians do the same. It couldn’t hurt.

    I don’t think you are supposed to BELIEVE in god. I don’t think you are supposed to believe what you read in the bible. The bible is just a collection of stories that are meant to inspire you to live a wonderful life. Or at the very least keep you from hurting yourself or others. I don’t think there is ANYTHING wrong with that message.

    • But religious people get upset over everything that isnt in their religion or watever they worship

    • Have to disagree Nick. A person can be ignorant but intelligent. But religious people are not ignorant of events such as people who are gunned down while worshipping …that the religious go on believing in god after being aware of things like this shows that they are lacking in intelligence ….in other words, they’re stupid.

  6. Religion just proves that most people are idiots. They are gullible, incapable of thinking for themselves, and too stupid to realize that they have fallen for the greatest marketing scam ever created.

    • I agree that people are gullible and nieve, but that doesn’t only apply to religious people, but people in general. Take the entertainment industry for instance. An artist could just about manipulate impressionable minds to embrace any perspective that they glorify. It happens in every aspect of our existence. I don’t think people are idiots, but I do believe we as humans definitely behave that way. I believe that human beings were beautifully created and that we have more potential than we are aware of. You may see a overweight person and someone may call them a fat piece of shit. While it may be true that they’re over weight, no one will convince me that, that person doesn’t have the capacity to radically transform with dedication, sacrifice, faith, determination, commitment, and consistency. The same can be said about human beings, psychologically, spiritually, emotionally, etc.

  7. Realise that your arguments against are incredibly weak when you’re relying on extremists (who are the true nitpickers, so far as ignoring (literary, historical, scriptural) context to support a position goes). You act like science is indisputably on your side, yet conveniently ignore the fact that Gregor Mendel and Georges LeMaître – the fathers of genetics and the Big Bang Theory respectively – were in fact Catholic priests. Modern science and education have their roots deeply seated in Christianity.

    Forget your non-existent battle of science vs religion, and develop some sound arguments and rebuttals that don’t rely on strawmen and ad hominen attacks. Maybe watch some debates between theologians, or some YouTube commentary by clergymen (like Wordonfire). You might learn something that you can use next time you decide to attack theism, and come across more educated and less hateful for it.

    • Gregor Mendel was a priest who lived during a time when “men of the cloth” were some of the most highly educated people who were allowed to attend the most highly funded universities in the world, it was also a time when disputing god could result in public humiliation, loss of credidation, and even death! OH and Georges LeMaitre openly resented the pope and as a result lost funding for some of his works. So yeah…there’s always that to consider.

    • There was some religious public speech near place, it’s located in each communal religion meeting place (yes, it’s not only one, and it can be heard in entire neighborhood). EVERY WEEK they doctrine their follower by speech like:
      ‘Banish the non believers’;
      ‘We’ll be granted a proper place in HEAVEN by doing what’s “GOOD AS WHAT’S WRITTEN IN THE HOLY MANUSCRIPT”-then they continue by translating the manuscript as the speech leader’s point of view.’;
      They even inviting semi-extremist religion officials to give MORE SPEECH. Is that their manifestation of RELIGION OF PEACE?
      Youtube? Believe it or not, I’ve witnessed religion’s brain washing EVERY WEEK, and couldn’t help to think that religions are created to recruit cheap foot soldier by turning them into extremist.

    • Lame. You should read Sam Harris’ “The Moral Landscape” Then reply. Religion does not like facts. Science does. They are NOT compatible.

  8. Actually my intent was to come across as hateful. That was the sole purpose of the post. I actually thought that was kind of obvious.

    But since you brought it up, I fail to see how a few scientists believing fairy-tales is supposed to change my mind when the large majority of them are atheists.

    • Well my intent was to merely point out that your arguments against theism are the equivalent of those made by creationists who claim atheists “hate God” and are themselves a religion.

      And the point I was making with the scientists was as I explicitly stated it to be: There is no conflict between religion and science. New Atheists are apparently a little disheartened by the fact that the only thing linking them to the next atheist is a lack of theistic belief, so they search for correlations and falsly infer causation. You’re no more reasonable, scientifically-inclined, nor anything else for that matter. Appeals to authority are pretty weak, and theistic and deistic scientists have contributed an immensely greater amount to science than their atheist counter-parts ever have. It’s also a massive understatement to say that just a “few” scientists believed in your so-called fairy tales. I’d avoid the whole science and religion thing if I were you. It’s been tried for centuries, and Einstein did a pretty good job of shutting people up about it.

      Curious as to what your response will be. At this point most atheists retort by presenting a distorted view of history whereby the Dark Ages involved no scientific progress because the Church squashed it all (OMG heliocentrism!!!) and possibly something about why the Crusades were evil.

      • religious people aren’t just stupid but also ignorant they can say what ever rubbish they want and apparently its justifiable but if a scientists says something that’s a bit hard for them religious idiots to believe they start saying your ignorant, stupid and don’t know anything there’s a teacher in my school who wont shut up saying we have to except everyone beliefs why the hell would a sane minded atheist who know science is right want to cloud his mind full of shit from some religious retarded bigot and yet scientists are ignorant they say the big bang theory is improvable but some being in the sky who no one knows wear the hell it came from is ok its full of shit
        i meen look at creationist they recon that the great flood could have caused the grand canyon in 5 minutes the grand canyon is about 300 miles long you would have to travel 5 times the speed of sound but someone suggests that’s mathematically stupid and there ignorant they also believe that a meteor caused the ice caps let me tell you anything with enough water of it would heat all the water up to 10,000c water would have been the least of noahs problems

      • Every person who says there is no conflict between religion and science is either naive or a liar. Tell that to Giordano Bruno or Galileo. Doesnt the bible give man a 6,000 year history while science gives AT LEAST 200,000 ?
        Doesnt it also claim the EARTH is older than the SUN?
        GENESIS 1:29 CLAIMS POISON IVY IS EDIBLE. I dont think science agrees.
        There’s alot more, but as the saying goes, only one contrary proof is needed to refute a theory, i gave u abouttttttt FIVE lol

    • You’re just a bored moron, aren’t you? Your argument is clearly uneducated and lack any sort of substance. Your statements clearly come off as hateful but your word choice shows that you have no extended educational background by which you are unable to convince me that religious people are indeed stupid….

      • Um, McDonalds claims to be the best fast food in the world, so does all their competition, thats pretty much what religion does… this book is the word of god because this book says so!.. i wonder, would u think a man stupid who says ” Wendys milkshakes are the best, i got proof, all the workers in the restaurant told me so!

  9. But there is a conflict between science and many religious claims. Religions usually are Science’s polar opposite. Where science requires evidence for support, religion just needs a little faith that something is true. It is no coincidence that the need for religious explanations dwindles down as scientific explanations grow. The two are mutually exclusive.

    Furthermore, that certain scientists were religious does not mean that their religion is what made them great scientists. And when I said “a few”, I was referring to the modern day. Polls show most scientists today lack a belief in a diety. It does not matter if most scientists were religious at one point. You say that as if to say that it gives religion credibility but yet you ignore the fact that most scientists today are atheist. Then you say that the religious scientists contributed more. That also is irrelevant. What does it matter that science may have “roots in religion?” So are we to say that the KKK has roots in Christianity just because some members were god fearing Christians?

    I actually don’t even remember praising science in this blog post. Science is usually something shy away from when I write because I’m no scientist myself. No, this post was about religious people’s logical fallacies, their hatred of homosexuals etc. and lastly, why I think they’re not worth the time it takes to have a serious debate.

    I read a quote somewhere, it went something like this, “The best way to deal with religion is to ridicule it”, hence all the insults:)

    Funny that you mention Einstein. In a letter, Einstein also said that religious belief was childish:

  10. My point with the scientists again was that appeals to authority are pointless, and even if they did have merit it would only go against atheism.

    Regarding Einstein, perhaps you should look up what he had to say about atheists. He certainly wasn’t religious, but did believe in a sort of Spinoza’s God or something pantheist. Afterall, he’s the one that coined the term “God does not play dice” which was largely related to his views on determinism and the nature of the Universe.

    He expressed a rather strong antipathy for atheists, although he himself didn’t believe in a personal God.

    “Then there are the fanatical atheists whose intolerance is of the same kind as the intolerance of the religious fanatics and comes from the same source. They are like slaves who are still feeling the weight of their chains which they have thrown off after hard struggle. They are creatures who—in their grudge against the traditional “opium of the people”—cannot bear the music of the spheres. The Wonder of nature does not become smaller because one cannot measure it by the standards of human moral and human aims.”

    It’s also naive to believe that faith and science are irreconcilable. It’s easy to define what science is, whilst on the other hand people are quick to give their -opinion- of what they think faith means. It’s essentially making a strawman argument. Faith deals with the actions of man (morality, worship etc) through the use of myths, stories and so forth. Whereas science aims to understand the nature of the Universe. There never really has been a conflict of science and religion, just as hundreds of years before Evolution was discovered people like Thomas Acquinas had already discussed whether texts like Genesis were to be interpreted as literal and scientific in nature. These arguments of science and religion are always people comparing modern science to extremist, protestant groups in America. Yes, they deny things like creationism and the Big Bang, but the worlds largest denominations all accept them freely. And as I mentioned before, it was a scientist of the Catholic Church who in fact proposed the very idea of a Big Bang.

    Finally, Christianity is not faith alone. It’s an ignorant oversimplification to believe that for thousands of years 99% of Europeans have been dedicated Christians based on “literally zero evidence”. No wonder people like you feel so confident in proclaiming religion to be the “opium of the people”, as if it’s the real world’s Matrix.

    Faith starts with evidence.

  11. I don’t recall being the one ‘appealing to authority’. That someone in a higher position is an atheist does not make atheism the correct stance. That isn’t what I was implying. Actually its quite the contrary, it seemed you were the one appealing to authority, “Religious scientists have contributed more”. “The father of the Big Bang theory was a catholic priest”. I was merely pointing out that a scientist’s religiousness doesn’t make him a great scientist.

    “Finally, Christianity is not faith alone. It’s an ignorant oversimplification to believe that for thousands of years 99% of Europeans have been dedicated Christians based on “literally zero evidence”.

    Then where is the evidence? The objective evidence.

    I can agree that when viewed from a certain perspective, there really isn’t a conflict between science and religion and that both are entirely different but they can co-exist. But it becomes a problem when religious people try to enact laws, or have school curriculums altered because they don’t agree with the science. It isn’t science that creates the issue. Science, I think only goes where the evidence leads. When the evidence tramples over certain belief systems, that’s when the consequential uproar begins. It is hardly atheists or scientists that create this friction or this seeming mutual-exclusivity between religion and science. If they had even a shred of objective evidence or proof, there would be little reason to continue dog fighting.

    This blog post was entirely satirical. I don’t actually believe that every single religious person is an imbecile. Or that atheists are better people. This post (I think its pretty obvious but I did expect the over-sensitives to get hurt) is only railing the kooks, the idiots,- the most far right conservative Christians, the bible literalists, yec’s etc… I just couldn’t be bothered to make that distinction at the front of every comment, but it seems like that’s going to be a necessity in the future.

  12. Watch this video it’s pretty amazing. Neil degrasse Tyson is his name and he is a true intellectual. Found out about him cause I got really into astronomy. I think if we educated more people about our universe more would realize god is not needed. Watch the whole video I promise it’s worth it.

  13. Religious people tend to live longer than atheist (up to two – three years), and the chance of getting depressed or stressed is also smaller when believing in some kind of religion.
    Religious people will theerefore more often have a long and happy life while the opposit is true for athiests, and then who is the stupid one? Now, this sounds like I’m some sort of crazy or angry young man but that is not my intend:) I would not say that I hate the religious nor the atheist, the only persons i can’t get along with are the extremists and missionaries Who like to think better of them selves and won’t rest until everbody else believe the same as him.
    If we can’t agree on whether or not there is god, shouldn’t we atleast agree to disagree and get on with our lifes without thinking ill of oneanother?:)
    Well, Im of. (in fact) I have to eat breakfeast with my christian mom and be with my atheist friend afterward so today is going to be great:) – but just think about it. why not try to get along with people rather than converting and thinking ill of them?:)

    • Just by the fact that you implied religous people were not stupid because they live better lives makes you stupid. First of all it has no correlation, and therefore No Logic. Second of all, you actually prove my point even more, religious people are obviously happier because they belive they will go to heaven thus, less stressed, they live in a blissful ignorance. Athiests , or i dont think it should even have a term, because its kinda like calling any given thing its dictionary definition, or saying a black mans parents has black skin. another example if religion did not exist there would be no word, athiest. Its painful to call somthing that is normal somthing scientific because there is somthing stupid. If the word gay, did not exist neither would the word straight. i got off topic, but yea you get the gist. Youre retarded😄. And dont nerd out on me and go all like, you have hate towards me so that makes everything you say invalid. Grow the fuck up. This is the real world you pussies. A large reason people believe in religon is because they think there important and belive omg there must be something i belong, there must be someone wh created me for a purpose, im special omg , god loves me.its actually pretty comical, and i like how none of your arguments had good valid points .

      • What are you? Fuckin 10 years old? YOU have horrible excuses, shit head. You’re just full of hate and you are a bitter mother fucker is what you are. Just because you live such a hateful life doesn’t mean you can rub all your stupidity by calling people who don’t agree with you stupid.

        Like I fuckin said below, if you don’t like the same ice cream flavor I like, that doesn’t make me OR you an idiot just because we don’t agree. What makes you an idiot is when you say I’m stupid because I don’t like the same flavor as you. Do you understand the comparison I’m giving you? Or do you want me to dumb it down for you a lot more than it already is.

        I’m just letting YOU know the facts. Here it is, you’re ignorant because you think every single person who is a Christian is stupid, you have nothing but hate which is why you overlook every good thing in life and focus on the negatives, and you come here with all your ignorant atheist friends because you so badly LONG and NEED your self-esteem to be boosted up. Now, I say your ignorant athesit friends because most atheists that come here are saying all christians are stupid. am i saying ALL atheists are dumb? NO. I’m saying certain atheists are brainless like you.

        I’ll let you comment more and entertain me if you want. Here is some FREE and WORTHLESS self-esteem points. Eat it, fuck face.

    • Actually, the chances of getting depressed or stressed is probably higher for theists because religion adds more responsibility. More responsibility means higher stress since responsibility means more work. Work is not fun for most people. Less fun and leisure means more stress.

      ” If we can’t agree on whether or not there is god, shouldn’t we atleast agree to disagree and get on with our lifes without thinking ill of oneanother? :)”

      I cannot agree with someone who deters scientific growth.

    • If you’ve never experiencing it firsthand, you’ll never understand the danger of being religious or even just living with them. A some point extremist are inevitable. Religions are very vulnerable to this kind of people: totally sucked to heaven as their final destination till the point that they even willingly to do whatever it takes to get there, even that means stepping on other people’s life. Their happiness is like drugs, slowly killing humanity inside them. And here’s the thing: as bad thing happened (like catastrophes, riots, etc) they’ll blame on us for it’s happening. When flooding happened (even because the religious majority just littering trashes to rivers) they’ll accused non-religions to repent and atone for their “sin”. The concept of reform and fix themselves are never cross their mind; because they’re perfect, true to the “God’s teaching”, and and obey their religion-oh such a HAPPY life (you know, stupid people tends to think positively of their “glorious” self).

  14. Religion is for the weak and feeble minded. i asked a christian once “where do mosquito’s go when they die?” she said “no where they don’t have a soul”. So they just make it up as they go and bend it to what suits them. If there really is a heaven wouldn’t it be full of dinosaurs, snakes, spiders and fly’s and mosquito’s???. sounds shit to me lol.

  15. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that people who practice a religion are stupid. Stupidity is a lack of intelligence and intelligence is an ability to comprehend knowledge. Religious people do not lack the ability to comprehend knowledge. Their practice is fueled by faith which is a complete trust in teachings of a god. There is no possible way to prove that a god exists or doesn’t exist so if the knowledge is non-existent to begin with there is no possible way that said person has the capacity to mentally grasp something that doesn’t exisist. This is where science refutes atheism in that if you can’t prove existence there is no possible way to prove that it doesn’t exist and vice versa. Let’s take electricity for example, if you have no way to measure the existence of electricity does it cease to exist? No, but being able to measure electric current through proven testing proves that the electricity exists. Religion teaches you to have faith, atheism cannot prove substantial knowledge in the existence or non-existence of a higher power so to say that religious people are stupid is irrelevant since religion is faith based and not knowledge based. Some of the most intelligent people that ever lived were religious. Georges Lemaître was a Belgian Catholic priest that was also a physics and astronomy professor. He was the first person to pioneer the Theory of the Expansion of the Universe, also known as the big bang theory. This theory has been widely accepted in the field of science and academics. I highly doubt anyone would argue that this man was stupid or lacking intellect.

    • Well actually your definition of stupidity and intelligence suit theists very well. When factual information and knowledge is provided to them many cannot understand it or choose to ignore it because the concepts are too difficult to fathom and they find religion more relatable to their lives. These people will argue against the explanations for how the sun formed, how evolution works, and some even will not accept that the Earth is round. They will propose their own silly interpretations of the world even when they are given the true answers just because they are not easily comprehensible. I know people that believe that our Earth was created 6000 years ago and they say that dinosaur fossils were placed there by God to fool people that do not have faith. I know of a person that says the Earth is flat (LOL we have pictures of it now) because if the Earth was round people would be upside down on the other side which he believes does not make sense. People are, in fact, upside down and sideways relative to you right now and I will not lie, it is strange and may be difficult to imagine but it is the truth. Just because these people cannot understand the true processes behind these phenomena does not mean that it is not really happening. We are only recently been making great strides in understanding nature in our universe and once more I will say that this place that we exist in is remarkably strange and indeed almost impossible to relate to. But it is our universe, physics, and nature that should be worshiped as it is far more intriguing than a primitive concept of a humanoid all powerful creator. Honestly it is very easy to say that God did this and God did that but to explore and understand how and why everything is truly happening should be a very important goal for any intelligent individual. These people are presented with fascinating, wonderful knowledge that was made possible through thousands of years of work and absolutely astounding innovation yet they ignore it, they “choose” not to believe it. One may choose to believe that an apple is something else but the truth will remain that it is an apple no matter what one believes. That is why I believe most religious people are ignorant, close-minded, stubborn, and generally stupid.
      Let me know what you think, I really enjoy discussing these things.

      • Yes, finally …. Exactly what I was thinking !!! My girl friend is a Bible literalist AND she has an MBA from a big university, yet its like I am speaking to a special needs person when we talk about history, science, geology etc.. Very weird to have a very smart person slip in and out of rationality and reality.. I think she is going to break up with me, because I can’t keep the look of horror off my face when she is articulating the process of getting millions of species on and off a boat, or the massive inbreeding campaigns necessary to populate the earth with 1 couple then later again with 1 family “post flood” Ideological and making me misserable…

    • You’re comment was one of the most rational, objective, and unbias one’s that I’ve read thus far. I’m a man of faith, and also the sciences and I don’t see them as mutually exclusive. A lot of people dislike me for various reasons. Atheist have disliked me because I’m a believer, but I’m also objective and I try to understand the opposing viewpoints, but I won’t be intellectually bullied. Christians have disliked me because they see my perspectives as heretical and compromising and because I have no problem questioning anything and being honest. The truth is, I don’t know what the whole truth is, and I’ve learned that I have a lot to learn. I personally believe that a large percentage of Jesus’s words are far more profound and prolific than even most christians realize, and I also believe that God is far more loving, compassionate, intelligent, objective, discerning, than all religious people are aware of. I once read a quote that said,”in the ocean of knowledge, man only possesses one drop”. Another quote is,” he who thinks he knows, knows not yet what he ought to know”.

  16. Well, I kind of agree but not entirely. While marriage did in fact exist before Christianity, it was a civil/legal matter. Pretty much a business merger. By modern definition, it has indeed become a religious thing. I personally do not support “Marriage” at all since I’m an atheist. I do support a legal civil merger and don’t think a religious church marriage should be legally binding in a supposedly secular nation.

    I think gays should have every right to a civil merger (though incorporation is a better tax move … but…. partnership does allow the flow-through tax treatment afforded a C-corp) but as far as marriage… that’s a religious thing. Religion is pretty much a private club so they can include or exclude whomever they choose. The problem with marriage is that there is no real contract defining responsibilities and liabilities when it all goes south so the dissolution of the partnership always falls back onto outdated religious convention with an arbiter (likely a religious nut) deciding the fate of both parties. Sorry, but that’s freaking insane. If you are gay and willing to commit yourself to such a contract, then you are also an idiot and I have a bridge to sell you. So, since so many people, both gay and straight are so incredibly willing to enter into contracts with no rules, it’s pretty clear we live in a world of idiots.

  17. You could be the smartest, most intelligent person in the world, the moment you say your religious, you sound stupid and here is why.

    You may study science, be a doctor or a professor, when it comes to your profession your expected to provide evidence, facts and follow procedures that are proven to work.

    You could never walk up to a patient and say ‘I have faith that poking you is going to cure your cancer, but for it too truly work you need to truly believe it, otherwise you’ll die’ even a religious patient would be skeptical of this.

    So it’s obvious that religious people may be smart an intelligent as they are doctors but they’re stupid when it comes to their religion because they believe a that similar premsis as stated above. They fill up gaps with their myth and think because they’re smart, are a doctor, scientist or professor it qualifies their believe higher then the average believer.

    They don’t use the same expectations as they would with their job, they’re not lookin for evidence and this is why no matter how smart they are they’re stupid for believing cause they’re doing so on faith and in a way they’re more stupid then an average person believing cause what’s their excuse?

    They have all the understanding of how important facts, research and evidence is, they have findings of how much religion has held back those various industries and yet they still take it on faith? I don’t care what your degree or iq is, if you accept anything with out research, facts and evidence your an idiot.

  18. this is a generalisation if you even slightly believe in any god or think religion is true or think evolution is wrong and think creationism is right you should be killed because you have benefit to any human technological progression and your waiting space so that means 75% need to die im fine with that only a few in my family believe in god granted one of them is my mum but what are you gonna do

  19. religious people should be herded up like cattle which they are stupider than and milked of there brains because they obviously don’t use them I mean believing in god makes you subservient if you don’t know what that means it means you have no thought process of your own so your basically brain dead go on you tube and watch why people laugh at creationists and I even erg creationists to do so and you will see how misled you have been and will probably change your mind and if you don’t then your a fuckin bit of steaming cow shit who doesn’t deserve any body’s time and we need another Hitler to kill you off in my mind because Hitler killed so many jews hes almost a hero even though he killed loads of sane minded normal perfectly clever atheist’s I mean believing in god when we were all stupid there was no science or anything like that ok fine but its the 21 century 2013 when everyone believed in god people used to die of pathetic things like flu now no one dies of flu and cancer survival rates are 75% if you had cancer would you trust god or science
    science is proven to work if you prey to god you get nothing but comfort then death I mean you probably think you need god for comfort but once you shed that lie that’s been hazing your intelligence you will notice what amazing things science has done imagine if the hole world put all there effort into studying and learning about stuff that will help if your young and you start studying hard you could find a cure for cancer find out if there are aliens find out were the universe started discover new sections of evolution all of witch will bring you millions a nice car a shit hot girl or man a massive house anything you want with religion all you get is a book and a head full of provable hopes ending up on the minimum wage just fighting to keep your house look at people like Harold camping he’s made two end of world predictions based on the bible and they’ve both been wrong and if you think sciences theory of the big bang is mad answer this were did god come from the bible never tells you and for you creationist that say I didn’t come from a monkey your right we didn’t we have a common ancestor thing like Cro-Magnons, Neanderthals and many others that’s wear you go wrong you don’t have a clue what your talking about

    • “religious people should be herded up like CATTLE which they are stupider than and milked of there brains because they obviously don’t use them…”

      You mean INSECTS?

  20. lets look at history Chinese history to be precise 6000 years of unbroken historically recorded event the noahs ark flood was said to have happened anywhere from 4000 to 4400 years age why haven’t the Chinese said this and don’t come out with some shit that god told the Chinese to build a massive wall only religious people would do that because there stupid

  21. This is an interesting blog entry that I fully agree with. I feel as though you could have gone even more in depth on many aspects, maybe i’ll be able to help.

    I think we all agree that for the sake of remaining polite, ignorance rather than stupidity is probably a better word in this case.
    Gullible is another.
    I’ve been having a strong debate on religion as a previously -atheist friend of mine, has now found some sort of faith.

    Now what really really grinds my gear about religious folk is that most of the time they know nothing about religion. I would say that at least half of religious folk, were born religious, i.e had no choice, brainwashed from birth by their parents. The real test would be to raise a child in a completely neutral environment and present both sides of the story and let him pick when he/she is of age.
    This for me just confirms how bullshit it all is. If they spoke the truth and there was a God, they wouldn’t have such a hard time proving it to others. Religion wouldn’t need to brainwash there own kids, or knock on doors to try and convert others. They try to pass it off as a caring gesture, ” to avoid us non-believers going to hell, it’s never too late!!” Well how very kind of them!! However I feel that it is more likely you are fearful of this new wave of science-believers and feel it’s time to “rally the troops”

    Now I am not going to nit-pick on details of the bible, because there are possibly a million inaccuracies. This site picks them all out

    I mean right from the get go, this story that they’ve tried to flog us, is wrong. The order in which god created the world has been proven to be completely wrong… he created light before creating its source the sun/stars. Birds came before insects and stupid shit like this. I mean that is the first few verses!!!

    Anyways, moving on to other things that I cannot stand about religious folk.

    They change their tune constantly. You try and have a rational debate with hard facts and you realise that actually they spend more time saying “don’t take this literally” or ” this is meant to be taken as a metaphor” … well if that’s the case they should agree this is just one big fictional story right??? “OH NO WAIT, actually, most of the shit in there actually happened… ” ok so which one is it? Religious folk have a few thousands of years worth of practice of getting out of an argument. Once backed in a corner they slither their way with vague and abstract comments such as, “god works in mysterious ways” or ” this is not meant to be taken literally”

    Of course it fucking is! People took it word for word back then! because it was written as a FACTUAL testament. What’s happened in the last couple centuries is that science has progressed so much, it has literally dispelled many so called facts in the Bible. This has meant that religious folk had to revise their theories a little and what they’ve done is tried to incorporate science in it. SO they can’t be wrong can they? best of both worlds. WHich leads me to think that every 100 year or so, science will not slow down and they’ll have to keep finding a way to prove us wrong.
    An alien could literally show up next to beyonce on the superbowl stage at half time and they would somehow change their story and say God clearly created other life forms, even though that would contradict everything they’ve ever said or written.

    Following on the ignorance aspect, what I find really dumb is how every time I try and have a decent debate, I make my case on a specific aspect and what they always seem to reply is… “God says…” or ” The bible says” or ” Psalm x:xx, verse x:xx”
    now… I am not sure how smart these people are, some believers are very smart… but what part of ” i don’t believe in God” do they not get???
    Them saying that is the equivalent of me having a debate on magic and quoting a Harry potter book. If I don’t believe in God, then starting your side of the debate with “God said…” MAKES YOUR PART OF THE ARGUMENT COMPLETELY MUTE.
    It, in no way shape or form, proves anything. Once again it’s a clever way of blurring the lines.

    Now finally, a little something about Atheists. I don’t like the word Atheist, another fucking label. Like someone said earlier, the word wouldn’t even exist if there wasn’t some imaginary thing to NOT believe in.
    I think it is laughable to imply that we live such a sad life. I read some idiot say that religious people live a happier life and a couple years longer.
    It’s quite interesting because I find it is exactly the opposite. They may want to paint us as depressed with nothing to live for but it’s exactly the opposite.
    Religious people live a life constantly concerned by doing right by God and the Bible. They live a life, questioning their after life. I instead am literally LIVING my life. I do not worry about what happens when I die or where I originate from. Now that makes me worry-free. Sure I have bills to pay and arguments with friends and family but so does everyone else.
    As far as I am concerned, I am a believer in nature and science. I believe that the reason why we’re most likely one in a billion is because our creations was a one in a billion chance. A correlation of events that created the perfect environment. I don’t actually think we’re alone in the universe either. It could have happened in another environment. I mean after all if God created us and earth, why the fuck did he create the empty uninhabitable planets? What a waste of a solar system and galaxy!
    I think it’s too hard for some to accept that we may just be one big fucking coincidence. A fluke. Possibly not the only fluke, probably not considering the size of the universe but still why is it so hard to take? Our smart brain is screwing us over in some ways, we’ve tried to answer questions (with the Bible and God) before we even had the capacity to understand the answer!

    It’s certainly an interesting theory, what an amazing story! But sadly, that’s all it is, it has no more credibility in my opinion than scientology . All it has is more followers , giving it a status of religion rather than cult. I see both on level terms. They are both explanations for our existence and since neither can be proven right both have equal value.

    I must say though, there are some good things to come out of the Bible. Many ethical conundrums and morals originate from it. Things you would teach your kids, do not steal, lie, kill … (once again all linked to fear in some way)
    And some religious folk are very very good people.

    I think I could go on and on endlessly. But it’s very very tiring.

    I think it comes down to whether you choose to believe in something you cannot possibly prove. I choose to believe in what I can understand. The word Faith, which is defined as “strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof:” is a brilliant cop out and invention by religion. It gets you out of most arguments. Why is believing in God ok? but those that 100% believe they were abducted by aliens, saw big foot or are reincarnations of past celebrities are considered “crazy” ? Faith is based on full belief in something you cannot prove, therefore it is irrational. I could have complete faith in the stupidest thing ever. For example, that dolphins used to rule the world, that they are pretending to be nice to us just to catch us off guard and that there are 100 billion of them waiting on a sea planet, for them to be teleported on earth and invade us. But if I have complete and utter faith in it, they no one can take that away from me. No one can certainly prove it is or isn’t true.
    So until that is possible then my story has as much credibility as yours.

    The trick is how many people can you convince to follow the same faith you have? Once you know how to do that, you can rule the world.

  22. bravo ^^^ very very well said…

    and you’re completely right. I could’ve gone deeper into each issue and even added many more problems, but like you said… it really does get tiring.

    I have to disagree with you on one crucial point though. I see no need to be polite.:)

  23. and more to the list:

    1. they let a 2000 year old book decide for their lives. what do people know back then? people continue to learn and improve their ways of lives based on new understanding. that’s why books, laws, theories get updated. how can something considered to be important not be subject to updates? is it fine to slaughter other nations as long as it is not the favored israel? Is it alright to kill Job’s family to prove his integrity? Are the many violent punishments in Deuteronomy also everlasting rules?

    2. being religious makes them “right” instead of using logic. arguments go by “you’re wrong/i’m right because a 2000 year old book says so…” going back to point 1, and also showing incapability of building their own arguments and critical thinking. also making it pointless to argue with them.

    3. think it is fine to be mediocre in everything else as long as it his not something religious. it is specially annoying when they pretend to know science but turn out to don’t understand the concepts at all. when i was a kid my “respected” teacher told me if evolution is true how come the gorilla in the zoo doesn’t turn human after many years?

    4. their contentment/complacency/being more happy is just a lowering of standards, that prevents them from achieving more. if people have not been ambitious where would we be today? science and technology was not driven just for the sake of it, but by people who chased their dreams for a better world.

    5. you think photographs of people praying are a nice things to upload on fb? hmmm… i wonder how can people pray and take photographs at the same time. or maybe being the photographer allows you to not participate in prayer.

    6. thinks that being rich is sinful. what if you worked hard for it. oh, working hard is a sin too. also related to 4.

    it is alright to be religious, i give it respect where it deserves to be given, like in caring for others, not being assholes, not killing the guy next door. but it goes wrong when people think being “strong in their god” gives them authority or makes them suddenly wise in everything else. it also goes wrong when people stop learning, thinking and aspiring.

  24. I actually take great offense that people refer to my religion as “Greek Mythology”. I’m guessing a couple thousand years ago people might get upset if you called their religion a myth haha.

  25. Thank you for demonstrating a problem on both sides of this issue. That is simply that there are sides. I am a devout Christian, and a devout scientist. I often feel like I don’t belong in either group, because, as is human nature, people in both groups act toward this disagreement with irrationality and emotion. Reactions are given without regard to assumptions, the first thing one must consider when undertaking any scientific endeavor. My brother is homosexual, and we get along well. We are able to discuss our disagreements with respect, understanding that we both risk the possibility of being wrong. Evolutionists have to have faith, just as religious people have to have it. The origin of the universe cannot be scientifically proven, since it cannot be reproduced The methods of science are too small for this task, but that does not diminish their usefulness or their importance. Instead of lashing out with the universal generalization that so plagues this disagreement, use your brain and first figure out your own shortcomings and limitations in understanding

  26. I’m no biologist. I should start with that, but it seems to me that if evolutionists rely on faith at all regarding evolution, it definitely isn’t to the extent religious people rely on it.

    When was the last time a rabbit fossil was discovered in the pre-cambrian? Why are humans so similar to other primates? Why are all mammals so similar, and reptiles etc? Why do so many species share so many similar traits? Why are some animals, humans included, at times born with features from their evolutionary ancestors: Human tails etc?

    Now what good ‘objective’ evidence is there to support religious ‘beliefs’?

    As I’ve said before regarding this whole religion affair, there can be no rational debate when one side is convinced that their impossible to prove beliefs are true.

  27. I have a friend who is obviously gay but deeply religious. He puts forward a front that he is very well put together and wise and is often the person people go to if they have a problem for advice. To me it seems like he’s all about other peoples problems so he doesn’t have to deal with his own major problem. To me that’s indicative of they way deeply religious people see the world, they have been brainwashed with a biblical version of the world and they will discount their own experiences if it doesn’t fit in with their religious beliefs. They have cognitive dissonance he knows he is a good person but he also is gay, so he can’t be gay as according to him due to his religious beliefs gays are bad. He said to me one day out of nowhere that all people must got through a gay phase, clearly he knows he is but he rationalized it by saying all people go through it, hoping that he would grow out of it.

    I would never discount if religious people get joy out of their faith but when they force their beliefs on other people even if it is out of love, i actually think is more out of feeling superior to everyone, it’s dangerous. You have people who would otherwise be well adjusted painfully struggling with something that they shouldn’t be, i’m not religious and i am gay i dealt with it long ago, he is still struggling, we have drifted apart as he moved far way and i haven’t talked to him in a while but i often wonder about him which is what lead to me finding this (looked up why are religious people stupid). What annoys me most is that people who are just jerks use religion to justify their igonorance, if they were forced to critically assess their opinion they would find it doesn’t hold up. They try to shove everyone into a box saying this is how you should be and they vilify people who are different, they go into hysterics saying that unless you follow God you are contributing to the downfall of society. They even go so far as to say that the solution to all the worlds problems is getting back to God.

    Some earlier comments about how some scientist were religious and how other hated atheists, that’s not really proving anything. What you are talking about is thier opinion which is separate from their contributions to science. Some of them could have been racist, would the fact that they discovered a important scientific law validated their racism ? no it wouldn’t have. All scientist even the religious ones have to go outside the realm of what we know to develop their theories, they did not use the bible as a source for their research so being religious was not important to their discovery in that way. When religious people act to suppress truth which goes against their religious views then it’s anti science, many times religious institutions are the slowest to accept science and only do because the evidence is to big to ignore and doing so would be damaging to their reputation.


    Religion often screws people up and religious institutions are usually years behind secular society have to be dragged screaming and kicking into the present.

    • Well even if they’re gay or transgender or anything potentially(if not obviously) secluded from the religion itself, as long as religion can make them to be a devoted believer, they’ll never gonna choose to abandoned religion. Why? Because they’re like a chick & a hen; the chick will always follow the hen even with all its ignorance. And it is always a plus for the religions – they will always have devoted follower who can act as spare, low cost and care needed and they’ll never get blame (cause you know, they must be rejected-as-the-holy-manuscript-told-so.

  28. religion has never done and it will never do any good all the country with the highest murder death and poverty rates are the most religious areas, and lets take into account a place called heaven if u were looking at god lets just say he existed if you were an atheist and said I didn’t believe in you because there wasn’t enough evidence and you told us to use free will surely hed be nicer then if you were someone who were forced into it at a young age and didn’t really look at any other options and didn’t even use your or if you were using pascal wager in which case your almost betting and were telling him a lie all of the religions get tangled up in there own stories and its all a bit of a mess science is clean precise and to the point why has America got one of the lowest average iq in the world because around 43% believe in creationism if you get into a debate with any religious person all they do is quote scripture theyre like fucking records be ause they don’t no anything about theyre own religion so all they do is attend church and don’t really care enough to learn anything and anything they do learn is rubbish what a waste of a life and us normal atheist’s have to put up with people saying everyone Is allowed an opinion theres a difference between an opinion and stupidity creationist think creation Is a theory in no way is it close a theory is something unproven but it has evidence and facts to say it could be true could u imagine us and raptors living side by side wed be fucked in more ways then one if you put all the species that have ever existed you wouldn’t have enough room on the planet even if you had 2 they would just get eaten by something higher up the food chain it fails on all accounts

  29. How dare you! I am a Christian, I have friends that are gay, I have nothing against homosexuality? I believe that there are people looking down on us that we have lost from the past. I respect what everyone believes in? Calling everyone who believes in a religion “Stupid” is unacceptable. Discrimination for what people believe in is wrong, we are all people and we all choose our own paths in life. You either believe in a religion or you don’t. I happened to be born into a Christian family and went to a Religious school. I grew up and chose what i wanted to be. Being a Christian does not mean you have to marry before sex or have children after marriage. You don’t even have to agree with everything in the bible? Most of my friends are Atheists and they don’t treat me any differently, because I’m not any different to anyone else. To be honest i swear. A lot. It comes with growing up as a teen. I’m not anything like a boffin or a goody two shoes, I don’t read the bible, I never have done, I don’t listen to any God music and I’m not one of those people who knock on peoples doors and pressurise them to “join a church” or “Learn about jesus christ” they annoy me. I am part of a church, It’s my job. I sing at weddings and Christenings. Baring in mind that I am a teenager, at least i have the maturity to stand up for what I believe in and not discriminate others. I have nothing against anyone’s beliefs. Next time, think about what you put online and how it will affect others.

    • You’re a teenager and barely get a sip of this world’s filth. Catastrophe, the aftermath, and how religious people trying to “fix” it their own way(not only Christians you know, almost all monotheist) -I’ve lost faith in religion, they’re ruining rather than recovering, rotting rather than nurturing (at least in this context of disaster aftermath).

    • Maybe you should have something against some peoples’ beliefs. Read Sam Harris “The Moral Landscape”. You might see why.

    • ” Discrimination for what people believe in is wrong, ”

      Yet that is behavior of your Christian God that you subscribe to.

      Of course it probably does nothing to convince a religious person, to call them ‘stupid’…but the irony of this is all is, they will be offended to be called stupid, yet they themselves subscribe to, worship and back a God that they think discriminates against those that don’t believe him, and many of those think the unbeliever will be punished after death, or at best, prevented from going to heaven based on their belief.

      Religion mocks unbelievers. Some religious people think unbelievers are stupid for not realising God exists – which means they think their God rightly punishes people for being stupid.

      Some religious people are a bit confused about this, and don’t like the idea of their God punishing ‘stupid’ unbelievers….so they convince themselves that the unbeliever is somehow ‘choosing’ not to believe, as if anyone could really choose whether they believe something is real or not. But for them, at least it’s some (flawed) get-out clause that allows them to justify the unbeliever being punished, as if the unbeliever WANTED to go to hell. Which of course is ridiculous.

      You yourself seem a perfectly nice person, as many religious people are. But if you really think about it, the god you support, is not as gracious to unbelievers as you are. Which you leaves you with a difficult realisation. Either you’re wrong, and you should think of unbelievers as bad people. Or the God you worship is wrong. Which means he’s either a nasty God, or a stupid God.

  30. Those are a lot of sins for someone who claims to be Christian. You my dear are headed straight to hell, for your God is not as forgiving as you have been led to believe. And another thing sticks out. You don’t read the bible? Okay, you can disagree with the way that I get my point across, but if you haven’t read the very book that your ‘beliefs’ stem from, then how can you possibly believe in this religion? How can you dispute anything I’ve said?

    And fyi, I don’t care how my opinion of religion affects other people. Unless they’re Muslim… because if I piss off a Muslim, I will probably be blown to bits. Religion of peace, after all:)

  31. the fact is that people say science has theories so why cant religion have a theory of god let me clear that up to you the fact is that a theory is unproven but has reasonable evidence lets take the theory of evolution the reason it is accepted as fact is because it has been flawless all the mistakes made were human error it fits into every piece of evidence perfectly now the reason why the existence of god is not a fact is because there is no evidence and people say because theres no evidence of god then you cant say he doesn’t exist WRONG! the evidence that god doesn’t exist is right in front of you its because there is no evidence not a shred of it at least science has a starting theory unlike religion its just there was a god and he created etc were did the god come from and also there scientific evidence to show why we like to think theres a god there a certain part or lobe in our brain I cant remember the name but we like to think basically that we have no influence and all the decisions are down to one being who has set rules and standards it means we have something to aim for to aspire to but the fact is the man created god in there own mind all of the gods came in a time when science was non existent because we were thick at that time so we needed an explanation think about it a place out of control murder rape theft and all sorts of crimes your going to want to think there someone who serves justice and just that thought in the back of there mind would cut back crime religion and god is more to do with control

  32. hey THIS IS WRONG how dare you be an idiot all your kind have done is slow development of technology medicines and other things like that your kind tried to kill atheists off but you cant kill a fact can you when your rotting in the ground with no consciousness ill be laughing my head off because all you will do is become part of the earth no heaven no hell you live and then you die the end all your praying sucking up to god who doesn’t exist and for what huh nothing just for your own comfort because your scared of the real world of facts I hate fucking idiots how much more evidence do we need before you stop believing in god because us atheists have massacred your religion for centuries each year we drive a steak further in to its heart but through blind stupidity you ignore it but I get happiness from the fact that atheist countries are rich and religious countries are poor that ses it all believe in a lie god and end up broke and disease ridden or be an atheist and have money not die from a pathetic disease and get to laugh at religious people

    • Religious country seems poor because what they do is only praying. When disaster happened rather than preventing more victim lost their lives, they’ll rather do justice (the officials, with their very own personal POV, and frequently with force) so “God” won’t be mad anymore. They’re STUPID because they intended to do good in the first place, bud end up doing bad things or the sake of their leader, THE INSECT QUEEN.

  33. Fuck off homos :/ shiiiet.

    Can’t go anywhere without your gay propaganda spread all over the place.
    What the hell is even wrong with you people:/

    • What is it with you religious people? You get caught molesting countless children all over the world, covering it up and still doing it and still getting caught as often as Muslims blow up civilians, and you want to blame people who sleep with grown men instead of your church that’s running a global child sex ring? If you let your kid go to a gay pride parade instead of sending him to church, he might not have gotten penetrated by a pedophile…just sayin’.

    • The problem is not gay propaganda. The problem is you’re extremist tendency through lots of open propaganda.

    • I hope you’re planning on keeping priests away from your children, because according to REALITY and THE FACTS that’s who’s been screwing your kids and the church covered it up for oh about two thousand years since the Roman Empire, it IS the Roman Catholic Church, what did you expect, that your kids would be safe with priests? IDIOTS. I feel sorry for your kids though. As a gay man I can tell you that wanting to sleep with a man isn’t the same thing as wanting to sleep with a little boy, have you ever heard of WOMEN? Yes, I know, they’re like everywhere, but you religious people always seem to discount them as human beings.

  34. Well I think…..scrap that….I KNOW that religious people are stupid. I don’t deal in faith & belief, I deal with facts & evidence & stuff. And the evidence says that religious people are stupid. Like, I know I’m dumb, but not that dumb.

  35. The problem with religion is the perfection paradox. It goes like this:

    1. God is perfect.
    2. God created man.
    3. Man is not perfect.
    4. Therefore God is not perfect.

    To understand the meaning of the paradox you first have to know that something perfect cannot create imperfection. Perfection cannot create imperfection or if it does that which was perfect is now imperfect. Perfection can only create perfection. In other words it is logically impossible for perfection to create imperfection. Let us look at it from another angle. God being perfect created man perfect and man sinned and became imperfect. Think about this for a minute. Man was created perfect, therefore being perfect everything he does is also perfect, because he is perfect he cannot sin, if he does he is imperfect and if he is imperfect then God is also imperfect. The question to ask your self is, if an inventor (god) builds a machine (man) and the machine fails to operate in the manner in which it was designed do we blame the machine or do we blame the inventor? Religious people have addressed this argument by saying that just because God is perfect doesn’t mean that he has to make man perfect. So the answer is obvious, he deliberately created something he knew would fail and then blamed the failure on his own defective creation rather than himself.

  36. I’m an atheist. But i have one question.

    Why are we arguing? No one can prove anything… God.. the big bang, creationism… none of it has been proven… Believe what you want… but don’t shove it down other people’s throats (That goes for both atheists and religious people). When we find the truth (if we ever do) then we can all just shut the fuck up!

    • If atheists had one billionth the history of shoving atheism down people’s throats (ha, sounds like a strange phrase since it has never happened) that religion has, you might be able to say what you just said with some amount of intelligence, but instead, you’re comparing freedom (atheism) to violent, bloody, murderous, literally instituionalized rape and pedophilia encrusted thought control (religion) as if they are equal problems to be neutralized by saying “you two play nicely now”, and then you leave the yard so the drop-out seventeen year old bully can beat the kindergartner to death because that’s the kind of thing this bully has done a million times in the past to ‘weaklings’, you return, and the little kid is dead and the juvenile delinquent is once again happy at the achievement of his favorite act (murder) and you’re rethinking your own judgment on whether or not they were both just kids who needed to play nicely, as if they are the same. Don’t compare atheism to theism. That’s like comparing not believing in the tooth fairy to worshipping Charles Manson as God on Earth. Not comparable.

  37. I would think the answer to that is obvious, in my view at least.

    We’re arguing because one side thinks its okay to shove their bullshit down everyone’s throats via building a church in every street corner, posting stupid billboards etc. None of those things really bother me, but then there are the loonies who go 10 steps beyond that by killing abortion doctors, voting for one president over another simply because of his religious views, trying to have abortion banned, attempting to have the teaching of evolution banned or having their own crap science be taught alongside it.

    That’s all well and good, but when an atheist puts a sign on a bus that says God probably isn’t real, fucking Sean Hannity has a heart attack and its the end of the world.

  38. people who do not believe in science do not need medical treatments involving science

    that’s all I have to say on the matter. When you’re only 30 and dying of subdural hematoma, you can forgo all of the fancy flashy medical advances and medications based on science, technology, biology, and chemistry and go for good old fashioned prayer

    If there is a god, he’ll save you! And if not, you’re going to Heaven of course! Because everyone believes they’re going to Heaven, no one thinks they’ll be in Hell for the evil that is Christianity they imposed on others and the suffering they caused.

    • If they sick—–>They need every mercy other human can get to survive
      If you sick —–>”Let me pray for your health!!!! OH MIGHTY GOD BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA PRAISE YOUR NAME BLA BLA BLA!!!”

      Well they don’t need effort to help others so “your help” is much appreciated, in return I’ll help you in your needs with “my own method” :PRAYING.

  39. I may be the only person who disagrees with all of you. I mean, I am on a page that talks about not agreeing with religion, so it’s only my fault for coming here, right? The title just came up on Google when I was browsing for bible study topics to talk about. I read that “ignorant” is the word to call Christians. I disagree. “Ignorant” is not only for Christians and “ignorant” is not for ALL Christians either. I would call anyone who says that all Christians or Christians in general “ignorant” is very ignorant.

    For homosexuality. I don’t believe it itself is a sin. I believe that if you act upon it, it’s a sin. But the thing is, I don’t like how people want to ban the marriage of it. It’s a sin to have sex before marriage. So America can’t stop homosexual couples from having sex, they can only ban their marriage. But if they ban the marriage, they’re only letting two sins happening. The sex before marriage and the act of being homosexual. That’s why I see no problem in just allowing homosexuals to marry. It takes away one sin rather than giving them more sins to sin about. Also, I hate it also when others think that they’re better than homosexuals. Just because they sin differently than we do doesn’t give them the right to hate them. I certainly don’t hate them, I hate the sin. But, I hate my sins too. All sins are equal. Whether you’re lying or getting divorced…it’s no different than acting upon homosexuality.

    There’s a passage in the bible that I really like. Men went to Jesus and threw a woman at His feet judging her and blaming her for committing adultery. Jesus just ignored them and continued to draw in the sand. He soon tells them that the man that is sinless can step up and spite her. Not one man stepped up because they knew and realized that they are all sinners. We are all sinners. Once Adam and Eve disobeyed God, sin was born. God knows that we are all sinners.

    He sent His only son because that’s to show love. That’s His way to show love. Also, Jesus is God. Love is sacrifice. We are all saved as long as we accept and believe in him. To be honest, I don’t believe sin has anything to do to whether we get into His kingdom or not. It’s faith and love for one another and our Father, God.

    I also read that people hate it when Christians are mean and talk bad to you and people stupid for not believing. Just because they’re the Christians who do that doesn’t mean all Christians are like that. I don’t like that they talked like that. They obviously don’t understand what it means to be a Christian. They don’t understand love at all. So please don’t mind them and don’t hate them either. If they have hate in them, they don’t understand Christianity. I don’t shun atheists. I am friends with a lot of atheists. I don’t talk about God in front of them either to make them believe. Instead, I try to live life the way God wants me to live life. I try my best to speak life with every word I say. That alone, should show every one that I’m a follower of Christ and that alone is enough to make them understand that I’m not going to force anything down anyone’s throat. God gave us free will. It’s your life, after all.

    We are human beings. Of course it’s easier to follow logic and it’s hard to believe in something you can’t see. I understand that. God gave us the power to choose and we chose wrong at first (Adam and Eve). Today, we still have the power to choose. He wants us to choose the right decision and that’s to be with Him. He doesn’t want us to be perfect robots and not allow us to choose. He didn’t create us because He wanted to be flattered either. He just did. He had a huge love for us even before we were born.

    You may not be a Christian but, having a religion is better than having none in my opinion. A religion has morals. Atheism doesn’t. If anything, atheism is kinda putting all your faith in the human race. Aren’t we imperfect beings? Having faith in imperfect beings is a very scary thing.

    There’s so many things I can say, but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s eyes, ya know? haha:) But please, don’t believe that all Christians are full of hatred and don’t like people that aren’t like them. Those are just the people who need to be touched by the Holy Spirit themselves. I also talk like everything about God is a fact because that’s what faith is. Firmly believing in His love that has not failed me yet. Please respect my beliefs. I respect yours fully. I still love each and every one of you. Also, please don’t call me stupid. I would like to believe that I’m very smart even though I only have a 3.9 GPA. SHHHH! My parents already give me enough naggings about that!😀

    • You just proved yourself to be a fucking idiot when you claimed Atheist have no morals. Research before you spew your filth all over the place, it’s disgusting.

      • I agree with Coconut96. Fine, Atheists have morals. But that’s not the reason for him/her to be posting that comment. I understand that people on here want to boost up their self-esteem by putting Christians down and calling every Christian stupid. But, what else is that gonna do other than make you look IGNORANT and boost your self-esteem 10 points. Nothing. You can’t take away someone’s faith by saying childish words to them and calling them “stupid” because they don’t believe in what you do. Not all Christians think that just because someone is a non-believer, they’re stupid. In fact, they’re very wrong for saying that so I’m going to apologize for anyone who said that to you. But you’re no different than them by coming to this page and spilling you hatred all over the place.

        Now, I can’t stop anyone else from replying to this with more words of discrimination, hatred, or bitterness. People on here are angry that Christians say that God exists like it’s a fact? Well what about atheists? They’re doing the same thing by saying there’s no God like it’s a fact.

        IMO, we are all like babies in a mother’s stomach. We just have what’s inside her in front of us not knowing that there is a creator. We can’t see our mother, but some have faith that we do have a mother outside the womb and some don’t…because if they don’t see it, they don’t believe it. I saw an example of this and though that that was such a good example. I believe it. If you don’t believe it, I still respect you because we won’t know who’s right until it’s too late.

        I’m not saying you can’t have your beliefs. Because I clearly do too. I’m just not going to go out and call every atheist a stupid idiot who does nothing good for the world. No. I’m not going to lower myself to that level. I’m just commenting my beliefs and standing up for what I believe in on this page like everyone else is doing.

        Everyone has opinions. You might not like ice cream and I do like ice cream. I might not like chocolate but you might like chocolate. Can we still be friends? Of course! Is it nice if you start calling me stupid and an ignorant gullible idiot if I don’t have the same opinion? Is it helping the world in any way? No. You don’t believe in God? I do. It’s you choice to discriminate against others.

    • I don’t believe that religion is itself a sin, I just believe if you act on it, it is a sin. I think that reality dictates that if you do, you shall be put to death. I mean, I’m not intolerant or anything, but reality is reality…

    • “He sent His only son because that’s to show love. That’s His way to show love.”

      His way of showing love is to send someone 2000 years ago that looks a like a human, can could easily be mistaken for a human? That’s his way? Pretty pathetic.

      Also, your brainwashing is evident in your use of the word ‘only’. It’s a con, designed to make it look like some kind of sacrifice by god, like ‘he only had one son, and he sacrificed all he had’. Well, apart from the sick gesture, it wasn’t like he ‘lost’ anything, if Jesus flew back up to heaven after the mission was complete.

      “Also, Jesus is God.”

      Make your mind up. You just said he was his ‘only’ son. I know some Christians believe he’s his son, some believe he was god…you’re so confused you think he was both.

      “We are all saved as long as we accept and believe in him.”

      Yes, but the problem with that is, the people that are unlucky enough to not realise he’s real don’t get saved. That doesn’t make any sense.

      “To be honest, I don’t believe sin has anything to do to whether we get into His kingdom or not.”

      Which is like saying ‘if you commit a crime you won’t be punished, as long as you believe the police exist.’

      “It’s faith and love for one another and our Father, God.”

      ‘Faith’ is a stupid reason to reward someone, or punish someone for a lack of it.

  40. Like the old saying goes…

    It is better to believe in God and find out He doesn’t exist than to
    NOT believe in God and find out He actually does.

    • Pascal’s wager is a logical fallacy. Another of the faithful again proves the original article correct. Would you like to …er… “help” your cause further by entertaining us with more nonsensical quips?

      Seriously, please do continue. Religious idiots are easily as entertaining as any circus but better because they are included with my subscription to Internet service at no extra charge.

      I can already imagine Gunnar and several others invoking the power of google-fu to find out what Pascal’s wager and logical fallacies are. You know it’s happening!

      Before you get elated upon discovery that Pascal was a noted Mathematician, consider that “Pascal’s Wager” was published posthumously in a feeble attempt to rationalize Christian apologetics when it was actually nothing more than a probabilities exercise given a random set of fixed parameters. It was yet another feeble attempt of Christians trying prove a scientist actually fell for the magic man in the sky nonsense.

    • The “chicken-shit” philosophy. While you are at it, be sure to pray to Ball, Zeus, Vishnu, and all the hundreds of other “Gods” throughout history. Cover all your bases. Much better than rational thought or evaluation of facts, right? If he does exist, and is like most Christians believe, then I think he is actually Satan and they’ve been duped. I would not bend knee to such evil.

    • It’s a really crap saying.

      And the only way one could truly hedge their bets, is by believing in every possible god that’s ever been thought of. But then you have the problem that lots of gods are very jealous and angry if you worship other gods.

      The biggest flaw in it of course, is the assumption that one can simply ‘choose’ to believe in a god.

      We don’t ‘choose’ to believe the moon exists. We don’t ‘choose’ to believe our friends and family exist. We don’t ‘choose’ to believe that fairies don’t exist.

      Thinking that something is real, or thinking that something is not real, or not being sure, is not a choice. If you think it is, then try and make yourself believe you are a chocolate bar. Try it, just choose to believe you’re a chocolate bar for 2 minutes. You can’t do it. And just thinking the words in your head ‘I’m a chocolate bar’ repeatedly, is not BELIEVING you are a chocolate bar.

      I’m sorry, and I don’t wish to offend, but your comment is just a wonderful example of how stupid religious people are, and how they don’t actually THINK. about the nonsense they’ve been told.

  41. Hi. I’m very familiar with Pascal’s wager. I don’t see a reason to use that as a reason to convert anyone into Christianity or any other religion with a higher power for that matter.

    I understand that the other Christians, though, are just disappointed that there is actually a website that discriminates against all Christians by calling them stupid. Just because Gunnar used that saying doesn’t mean he is stupid. It’s what he likes to use to back up his belief. Like how atheists on here are trying to back up their beliefs on scientific facts, how they think Christians are stupid and they’re rocket scientists, or random stuff like that. Most of the comment above me was saying how wrong Pascal’s wager was and how Gunnar and the others are using Google to research on what Pascal’s wager might be. And how we KNOW they are. Oh…and how stupid Christians are. What if people don’t CARE whether they’re using Google to find out something that people don’t check up every day or learn in school. It doesn’t mean they’re completely stupid like this article suggests.

    The whole point of the comments that Gunnar and the others wrote was to say how RUDE it is to say things like that. And notice how you guys are not even commenting on the things that actually matter in the other comments….because you have nothing to say. So far of the comments that talk back to the others are small little details you like to pick out. Look at the big picture here, folks! It’s the focus of this article that the Christians are actually getting at.

    Stop discriminating. We are all victims of a battle we never had to fight. In the end, we will see what’s the truth. Just enjoy life. No need for silly remarks on how people are stupid because you don’t agree with each other. I like how May ended her comment. I will copy&paste so you can read it again and get the point of the Christians’ comments…

    “Everyone has opinions. You might not like ice cream and I do like ice cream. I might not like chocolate but you might like chocolate. Can we still be friends? Of course! Is it nice if you start calling me stupid and an ignorant gullible idiot if I don’t have the same opinion? Is it helping the world in any way? No. You don’t believe in God? I do. It’s you choice to discriminate against others.”

    Does this help people understand where the Christians are getting at. We aren’t here to pick out arguments and stoop down to your level. We are here to help your attitude out. Quit being such downers and go out, be positive, and enjoy life.

      • I pray because it helps me communicate and talk to God. Christians pray because it’s a way to talk out problems, thank, and ask our God that loves us despite all the sins we commit. We learn to recognize ways that Jesus does talk to us. It helps with keeping our faith as well. I used to never pray and found myself becoming an atheist. I was really close. One night, I was breaking down because of how bad my life was turning out. So, I reluctantly got on my knees. After that, my faith gradually grew stronger and stronger. My life has improved tremendously and I am loving and enjoying life. I improved a lot in school, graduated as salutatorian, got in the college of my choice. I’m not saying you have to be Christian to have a good life. But in my experience, ever since I prayed that night, life was looking a whole lot brighter. I loved people more, I forgave more, my temper improved, everything improved! Like I…and every other Christians who said on here. I’ll say it again to drill it in your head more. You may not believe in this, you may think it’s stupid and and idiot choice but we don’t. From your comment, it almost seems you didn’t read a word. It’s like I’m talking to a child who didn’t read the chapter and is stating something that was already covered in the chapter. Now, I answered your prayer question but you’re still calling me an idiot for a different belief. Who knows. Maybe people are Christians because it comforts them knowing that there is an eternity in the afterlife they get to spend with their loved ones? I know it comforts me. I wouldn’t want to think that after I die..that’s it. That’s the end. That would make me sad.

        And here it is. You might be thinking, “Well, it’s the TRUTH. You have to face the truth. The world is a nasty place where darkness exists and no one is perfect….etc….”

        How do you know? Why should I think negative and bring my whole life to it. Just because I’m Christian doesn’t mean I don’t see the bad things in life. No. I just choose to look at the good things in life MORE.

        How do you know I’m an idiot if you can’t prove I’m wrong? Have you died yet? How can I prove you’re wrong? I haven’t died yet, so I can’t. Like I said, we have to wait. By calling me an idiot because I don’t believe what you believe….again, you are the ignorant one. and guess what? I’m not calling ALL atheists idiots like this article suggests. There are just certain ones. And they are the ones that discriminate. Like you. I respect your decision on being an atheist. You’re saying you don’t respect me because I made an idiot choice on being Christian. What an idiotic thing to say, huh?

        I hope I’m entertaining you. I really do. Because I know you’re entertaining me a whole lot. Tell me, why discriminate against people that don’t like the same flavor ice cream as you? Why discriminate against people who have a different faith?

    • I am not religious because I understand science.I was raised in a christian family listening to propaganda and irrational talk my whole life. With that being said, I am not in any fasion trying to bring others down. If religion makes you happy that is great and I as well as most athiests are ok with that and happy for you. What you religious folks fail to comprehend is that for the most part they lack certain abilitiy to comprehend basic scientific theory. While a scientist can comprehend and consider what you say, you can not comprehend or consider what he says. You lack the ability to look at the world from his angle.

    • Oliver, there is no god, so when you’re praying, you’re just going through a ritual to deceive yourself into believing what you and I both know is not true, because that way, you can belong to a murderous mob not much different than Islam, and feel safe, but you won’t be, because they are all just like you, ready to turn on their own closest family and friends if they don’t conform and pray etc. That’s what you actually believe in, a mob mentality, the ‘god’ is just the imaginary friend you all make believe exists so you can all be on the same imaginary page in your insanity. Why don’t you become a MAN and break free from being dominated and penetrated by all these pedophile priests you turn to for sexual ‘morality?” Oh yeah, because you are probably just too weak. By nature. No one would choose to be as weak as you are. No one could. You were bred for this, so go with it, you aren’t meant for anything better. You’re a herd animal, that’s why you need a shephard. And the shephard needs meat and you are there for the slaughter, why don’t you go fight for Jesus in the middle east? You can kill people just like you there. Morons.

    • ” Just because Gunnar used that saying doesn’t mean he is stupid. It’s what he likes to use to back up his belief.”

      But using that comment to back up his belief is stupidity.

      But of course, that doesn’t mean he’s stupid when it comes to everything in his life.

      It would depend on whether he applies such lack of logic to everything he thinks or not.

  42. And to the guy who is face palming himself…do you mean “illogical” fallacy?? Or do you really mean that Pascal’s wager is “logical?”

    • I mean you should look up any term you missed in junior high school when the teacher was discussing scientific method before inserting your foot in your mouth.

  43. Again. Picking out the small details. And that didn’t even have anything to do with my question I just asked on whether you meant to say “illogical” or “logical”….don’t face palm yourself too hard there, buddy.

  44. OMFG Why are we arguing over something that doesn’t matter to our lives? To the guy facepalming himself, YOU’RE STUPID. You have the worst comebacks ever and the reason why you’re so stupidly stupid is because you think Christians are stupid for no reason! YOU take YOUR foot out of YOUR mouth, stupid shit.

    And to Oliver, don’t waste your time on trying to make peace in this shitty page. Just let atheists have their fuckin self esteem. It’s a page for atheists only. If a Christian comes, they want them out or else they’ll use their shitty back up to kick them out. And that’s one thing….Christians are stupid. I mean c’mon! That’s the name of the whole website. It’s the most idiotic and shittiest title and logic I’ve heard. It’s worse than Pascal’s wager! But what am I saying, of course it is! They’re atheists. It’s fucking brainless that atheists here think ALL Christians are stupid. GET A LIFE. Stop being so depressed and do something with your damn life instead of putting people down dumb fucks. And to the atheists who think that it’s wrong to even fight or have science to back them up on not being Christian BUT still respect people’s decisions on their faith, then, what are you doing here? You are too good to even be here along with the Christians who RESPECT others’ decisions as well. Atheists and Christians and any other religion out there that think other religions are STUPID because they don’t believe in the same thing are hopeless.

    And to all Christians, STOP losing any more brain cells by trying to reason with the atheists calling all Christians stupid. They won’t change. And atheists, Christians won’t change.

    So please, Christians. Just let the atheists continue playing with their friends on this page. It’s a place online where they can relieve their tension. It’s OK atheists….take a deep breath and let it all out!

    Want to comment back? OK! Sure! That’s 70 points of FREE worthless self-esteem… TO you FROM me! ENJOY!😀❤

    • My comebacks are the worst and I’m stupid for thinking someone stupid who can suspend all reason and believe that some magic dude in the sky created everything. Seriously? You claim to be an atheist and can respect that? I have my doubts. You can’t even construct a coherent sentence and you don’t have even the most basic grasp of scientific method so I suspect you’re not nearly as sharp as you suspect regardless of what your mom told you.

      Please, keep ’em coming. I haven’t been this entertained for some time.

      BTW, it’s not trolling if the fish are jumping in the boat of their own volition.

      • Haha. You’re stupid because you don’t obviously don’t know what respect is. You also said it’s not trolling because of fish? No. I said it’s TROLLING because of YOU and the other horrible atheists on this page. Stop trying to go around on what trolling is…but who am I kidding. YOU’RE A TROLL.😀

      • Thruth, Respect is earned. I think it’s you who’s been misinformed… in many areas. You have exhibited not a single redeeming quality that would earn my respect.

        A troll is a mythical creature that lives under bridges. An Internet troll is a post. The person posting would be a troller. You cast out bait and watch the stupid little fishies bite. I’m not going around anything. You’re just incapable of making rational connections no matter how obvious they may be. Sorry, it’s probably genetic if that’s any kind of consolation. I did take great pains though to use small words and simple sentences in a likely vain attempt for you to grasp what’s being said.

        As for your self esteem points… Are you still in grade school? Do your arguments actually sound rational and intelligent when they’re rattling around in your head? Do you expect even for a moment that I care one whit your opinion of me? You’re the entertainment; The hired help; a servant who’s sole purpose is to entertain me without any compensation whatsoever. Do you even realize that when I navigate away from this page, you cease to exist? I’m betting you don’t even grasp that concept and will come up with yet another nonsensical quip further demonstrating your own inability to deduce even the most rudimentary of notions.

        Please, entertain me further. I know you want to.

    • I know for a fact that in the Christian world, “truth” is code for doing whatever you are told to do by the church. And that’s how they got away with screwing kids. Truth must be proven, your religion is already proven to be a pedophile ring. You’d be better off worshipping salamanders and asking them for advice and moral guidance you sicko.

  45. Guys, guys, guys, why all the hate? It’s obvious all the atheists on this page are trolls. Read the Disclaimer at the top. It reads: “You will be offended :D” They don’t care what you Christians think or believe. They believe that all Christians are stupid. That’s their belief. So just let them be in their own idiotic world.

    I’m atheist myself and I’m the rare smart atheist on this page to know that not all Christians are stupid and every individual can be smart and some can be just ignorant…like the maker of this page is ignorant and annoying. They are the real ones who do no good in the world.

    Like some of you said. Just let them feed themselves their self-esteem with their own brainless page and reasons. I RESPECT Christians and their belief. I (and every other SMART people in the world) DON’T respect ignorant athesits and christians who say that a whole group of people in the world are idiots but…. why try explaining that? The atheists on here are trolls. You make other decent atheists look bad and stupid.

    Most of my friends are Christians and guess what? They’re smart with high paying jobs in the 6 digits, they have a happy family with a nice house or property and they are smiling every time I see them. Me? I’m the same. I am happy with my income and I am very happy with my family and life. The important thing is to not let someone else’s beliefs get in our way of life.

    Again, why am I saying all this. Most people here are trolls anyway. All except those who agree with what I’m saying, that is. The maker of this page was obviously bored and wanted people to respond. He/She needs his/her daily dose of Vitamin Self-Esteem and attention. You either are going to be down at his/her level and be begging like a hobo for self-esteem and attention or you’re going to be feeding them it. I for one, don’t want to be neither any more but hey, SOMEONE has to be the one to say it.

    Peace out (literally)

    • Why all the hate? That’s what the religious hate cultist has to say when any atheist poitns out how stupid their hate cult is. How pathetic. Oooh, we have lots of people joining our hate cult so it’s not a cult anymore, it’s just a hate-religion. So far, no one has been able to differentiate cults from any ‘religion’. Because there is no difference, so that’s why all the hate, you moron. If Charles Manson had taken over the world, he’d be able to accomplish no more evil than what your religion has already done. Yes, we hate you, and you’re stupid. Same way I feel about the Mansonintes, that’s who you are in my eyes, just a bigger cult of moronic murderous pieces of human garbage. So yeah, hate ya. Moron.

  46. “To never pray and found myself becoming an atheist. I was really close. One night, I was breaking down because of how bad

    my life was turning out. So, I reluctantly got on my knees.”

    This just says it all doesn’t it? Oliver my dear, you were never close to becoming an atheist. An atheist isn’t somebody who

    stops believing in God because his life isn’t all sunshine and roses. That’s a huge misconception and you’re not doing

    anything to disprove this topic’s title by perpetuating that lie.

    Your life got better after that night because YOU decided to make it better, not because you prayed. Not because of some God

    and neither do we need to ‘wait’ until after we’re dead to see who’s right. I can guarantee you your God doesn’t exist as

    easily as I can guarantee you Santa Claus doesn’t fly around on Reindeers giving gifts. Thousands of years of Gods vanishing

    is proof enough. What makes your God any more believable than Zeus? If a science fiction author can create a science based

    religion and have people actually believe his bullshit, then what does that prove? That humans are innately stupid creatures

    who love to believe bullshit even if it flies in the face of all logic and common sense. Your beliefs are false my dear,

    that’s just a stone cold fact and I don’t need to respect them on my blog.

    [QUOTE]I know it comforts me. I wouldn’t want to think that after I die..that’s it. That’s the end. That would make me


    LOL, why? That was your exact state before you were born. You’ve been there already. After you die, that’s it, you’re worm

    food. You don’t go to heaven, your body rots in a grave. After your brain’s lights go out, everything you were disappears

    except in the memories of those who knew you… but eventually they will die too and everything you ever were WILL

    completely disappear. Its just a fact. It doesn’t scare me at all and it doesn’t upset me, why would it? You need to believe

    in something you cannot possibly be sure of just to feel comfortable? That’s really weak in my opinion.

    [QUOTE]I hope I’m entertaining you. I really do. Because I know you’re entertaining me a whole lot. Tell me, why

    discriminate against people that don’t like the same flavor ice cream as you? Why discriminate against people who have a

    different faith?[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, call me when the church of vanilla ice scream goes to the courts to try to have Evolution banned. Then your analogy

    may have something to stand on.

  47. +70 points of worthless self-esteem to the Gay Boss up above!

    Oh and btw, smart one, YOU have no idea what Oliver was talking about. We don’t know his whole story. It was obvious he cut it short. He never SAID an atheist is one that stops believing BECAUSE his life was miserable. He said he was BREAKING DOWN because his life was miserable. He was most likely skeptical about his god which is why he was about to become an atheist. Learn to read.

    Again, saying you KNOW he doesn’t exist. That’s what atheism is. Which is why you created this page. You just did a SHITTY job doing the title btw. You and every other atheist on here is making the other nice and smart atheists look like pieces of shit. But I’m sure the nice Christians and maybe a few nice atheists on here know who the real idiot is. You know what your words are doing to the Christians? Absolutely nothing. You like that? Notice how the first smart Christian, Coconut, stopped replying because he/she said their point and backed off because they’re smart enough not to help you dumb asses with your hobby of calling a whole group of people stupid.

    You see, they all have proved their point to you. They said that they don’t give a fuck about what you believe in. They won’t convert their christian religion or whatever because of you THINK you “know is a fact.”

    They said that you’re an ignorant bastard because you’re calling a whole group of people stupid. BAM! There. That’s your issue. Now, why don’t you go sit in the corner and think about what is wrong with that.
    From what I’ve read, they weren’t trying to shove anything down anyone’s throat like YOU were attempting to do. No. They were just disappointed that an atheist like you exists. I feel so upset that I have to stick up for christians when I should be sticking up for atheists. That’s how fuckin stupid you are.

    Oh and you say you won’t respect someone because someone believes different than you. Wow. That’s low. C’mon Gay Boss! I KNOW you’re better than that. That’s just the cold stone truth! We all know that it’s important to have respect! I mean, you’ll have to be pretty STUPID and idiotic to not know that respect is important in life. Haven’t you learned in school that if you don’t have anything nice to say to shut the fuck up?

    Also, you clearly didn’t understand Oliver’s comparison to ice cream and religion. You actually put them two together while Oliver separated them for a reason. Can I get a round of applause for Gay Boss?!

    • I can’t even read your comment Chill Pill, because I know anything that starts out calling someone a “Gay Boss” as an insult, not realizing it is closer to a compliment, has to be so dumb that I can’t honestly even be offended by him anymore, just really sad for the feeble mind that could let such stupidity fly out of your praying fingers and onto the net, makes me question humanity’s fate, then I realize, humanity will go extinct soon, so yeah, it makes sense that someone like you can be found on every street since your savior showed up thousands of years ago to “save the world”, screaming about “the end of the world” because of your religion, and guess what? It IS ENDING BECAUSE OF YOUR RELIGION, IT TURNS OUT THAT IN THE LONG RUN, STUPIDITY IS NOT A GOOD A SURVIVAL TRAIT. But survival is part of an evolutionary concept, so you’re probably not allowed to think about these things, even if you COULD think. So yeah, you religious morons are stupid. If humanity survives, religious will just become the politically correct word for idiot, and you’ll be extinct so that the rest of humanity won’t have to be. So in a way, the rapture will come, and you will be removed from this Earth. Just not in the way you think.

  48. hahahaha NO. I’ll give a round of applause to YOU though!😀

    They don’t understand the BIG picture here. They don’t like it when Christians try to shove things down people’s throats? They’re doing the exact same thing. And that’s not even the point of this article. It’s about respect and ignorance that the atheists are showing on this page.

    The Big Boss is wrong and he’s probably just angry he doesn’t know if God exists or not. There wouldn’t be a need to create a page like this if he KNEW that God didn’t exist for a FACT. But there this page is. Just attempting something that is a big fail.

    I feel sorry for gay boss though😦 They must be lonely.


      • Polar opposites actually. OR maybe what you really mean is that atheists should organize like Christians and ACTUALLY start shoving atheism down you and your children’s throats! Great idea! Way better than simply using free speech to point out your stupidity! WAY BETTER! THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION, CHRISTIAN! FIGURES YOU’D BE THE ONES TO INSPIRE US TO BE MORE AGGRESSIVE!

  49. OK. We should all get the point now. Christians, you’ve said all you can say to drill it in the atheists’ heads. If they can’t understand, then they are truly hopeless.

    Here is the lesson that goes all the way back to elementary school.

    Treat others the way you want to be treated.
    If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all.

    Yes, atheists on here are ignorant to say that every single Christian is stupid. And yes, Big Boss did seem confused about the ice cream and religion comparison. OR he just didn’t like the idea of being respectful so he called it an ‘analogy.’ It’s really just common sense. It’s not nice to judge others just because they don’t agree with your opinion or belief. No, Big Boss. You don’t KNOW if you’re 100% correct or not and NEITHER do the Christians. Yes, Big Boss. We DO have to wait to know. That itself is a fact. If you say otherwise, then you’re stubborn and you would also be acting like a child. The fact is, we have to wait. None of us KNOW the TRUTH. That’s why each religion is a different belief. That’s why it’s CALLED a belief. It’s an opinion. Now I’m sure we don’t need to go over what a fact and opinion is, do we? I thought so.

    Atheists, if another Christian comments on how it’s better to be Christian than an atheist. Or if they comment that all atheists in the world are idiots, just ignore them because they’re ignorant.

    Same goes to the Christians. I already said that the atheists on this page are ignorant if they believe all Christians are stupid. That’s just plain obvious. No need to highlight that anymore. You guys already proved your point on how it’s wrong to be rude and disrespectful. If they don’t understand that, I fear for who the stupid ones really are. So that’s one thing they can comment about.

    And another comment that an atheist might do after me other than call Christians stupid some more is try to shove their reasoning down people’s throats like they claim ALL Christians try to do. No need to reply to that anymore since they just changed the subject from respect to persuasion. So let them be with their nonsense. And also let them to continue being rude on their own page. By answering them, you are provoking them more.

    So, Christians. Can we all agree to not bother to comment on a silly page like this and let them be now? I mean, we already told them to have respect. That’s all that it seems why tried to get the point across. I’ll say it again, if they don’t understand kindness and respect, I fear for them. Respect and kindness are KINDA important. And we never came here to debate on who is RIGHT or not so no need to comment back if they say more of their “proof” either.

    Got that, Christians? We proved our point so let’s just let the little atheists continue their play and allow them to flood this page with their ignorance. And while we don’t say a word, they can BELIEVE that they’re MORE correct and that they won! And then SEE?!😀 They get to have their FREE vitamin self-esteem!:)

    Ready. Set. GO!😀

  50. I’m angry because I don’t know if God exists or not? Not at all. In fact I’m 100%
    positive that the being you know as God is as false as Zeus. As I asked before (this
    question always goes unanswered), how is your God any different than
    the Gods of ancient times? What makes yours more believable than Zeus or
    Poseidon? The ancient Greeks believed in Zeus just as strongly as you believe in
    God or jesus.

    Stop asking for respect on my page. You won’t get any. Your beliefs warrant about
    as much respect as a child’s belief that the boogeyman lives in his closet. Except in
    this case its the grown ups who believe in this imaginary boogeyman, but the ones
    who aren’t convinced by your insane beliefs are in the minority. Atheists are the least
    trusted group in America, and for what reason exactly? Simply because we don’t
    adhere to the most common belief in America, and not for any valid reason.

    LMAO, way to split hairs @Take A Chill Pill…

    He said nothing about being skeptical. He said his life was miserable so he almost
    became an atheist. To take it any other way would just be dishonest.

    and way to keep affirming this topic’s title. You people really know how to do that. An
    Atheist is not somebody who claims to know that God for a fact does not exist. At its
    core it simply is the opposite of Theism. Atheism. Someone who is not a theist. It is a
    lack of belief, not a declarative statement. A newborn infant is an atheist until it is later
    brainwashed by your kind.

  51. I’m coming back not to argue anymore. The guy/girl above is right. You should read it again. I never said I was becoming an atheist BECAUSE my life was going bad, I was BREAKING DOWN because my life was bad. And the fact that they guessed I was becoming skeptical is actually true. That’s how it all started. I was skeptical about God and wondered how I couldn’t grasp how he existed. I wanted the evidence on my platter. If I don’t see, I don’t believe. I asked myself, if there is a God, why is there evil? And when I prayed, you say that me, myself, and I alone was the one to help my life for the better. Then, let’s go with that. I helped myself get better with prayer. So if that’s the case, why should I stop praying? If I wouldn’t have prayed, I Guarantee you that I would still be bitter and down in the dumps.

    And as for your other comments and question, I shall leave you alone to wonder that. Go on and make new friends.

    Here’s another +70 points of Vitamin Self-Esteem. I hope you like it:)

  52. My goodness. Look how many people have to explain something so simple to you. You’re a child, I swear you must be. Christians on here never said that their God is more special than the other gods out there. We don’t go around saying that to people and we certainly don’t make a PAGE about it either. We simply state that we believe in a God and we love Him very much. Not that if you don’t believe in Him, you’re flat out stupid and our God is better than every one else’s. No. I am way more smarter and more respectful than to do that. That would hurt someone’s feelings. And if I hurt someone’s feelings, what would that do? The would make them feel bad and make me feel good (make me feel bad if I actually care about others).

    And by saying a baby is an atheist until it is brainwashed it pretty funny. OMG I just giggled at that because I can’t believe someone would actually think that. Do YOU know what atheism really means, genius? You said it yourself. An atheist is a lack of belief….in a God or Goddess. Now tell me, Big Boss. If a baby doesn’t even KNOW what a God or Goddess is and can’t comprehend the concept, how can it not believe or believe in it?

    You can’t have a baby who says he/she is an “atheist” and then turn around and ask “BTW, what exactly IS a God/Goddess?” An actual atheist should already know what a God is and CHOOSES not to believe in them. Babies don’t have a choice until they’re older. Calling a baby an atheist is like calling an inanimate object an atheist. Nice one, Big Boss.

    And btw, we already came to the conclusion that you can’t give respect because of your stubborn and childish ways. That’s why that one person asked all Christians to stop replying because we already cam to the conclusion you just want your measly self-esteem points. So we are gonna let you have that. It’s your page, after all. It’s your right to enjoy your fun and beliefs. We understand. I just had to answer your question and correct your “babies are atheists” theory.

    Have fun!😀

  53. Dude, Zeus is God. Christians just deny it.
    There’s a theory of god as a faceted gem, so everyone is worshipping a god, but gives them different names but it all ends up being the same thing.
    Me, personally, – I believe in the Greek gods. So, yay, Zeus!

    And I actually some what agree with the Christians in here. You have no respect but I agree that they should just shut it because it’s your page and you need the last word so go ahead and comment. ok? I’m sure none will care unless you want them to come back by asking them a question. By asking them a question, you want some company so you won’t be alone. It’s ok, dude. I love you. Just please don’t ask ME a question. I would not want to be rude and I would have to answer it. And trust me, I don’t want to come back to this page. It reeks.

  54. There’s a difference between a lack of belief and flat out not believing. The latter would require knowledge of that which you don’t believe in. The former does not. Atheism is the opposite of theism the same way Asymmetry is the opposite of Symmetry. What is Asymmetry? A lack of symmetry, not a belief that symmetry does not exist. Atheism is simply a lack of theism, or a lack of belief in God. A newborn infant fits that definitely perfectly.

    Your belief that atheism simply means a belief that God doesn’t exist is a common misconception you’d do well to stay away from. Learn what the hell the word actually means before spouting off your drivel.

    Again, thanks for continuously affirming my topic’s title.

    I’ve noticed a trend here with this new batch of Jesus-Warriors. The only thing you can say is that I’m being rude, and of course I am. That was the whole point. To piss you off. But not one of you… not a single one has tried to actually disprove anything I’ve said. You can’t.

    If you want a less hostile version of why your beliefs are complete and utter bullshit, you can read this page:

    I was pretty green back then and actually believed that a debate was possible… but it isn’t. Not when one side’s entire argument is bound forever to the irrational.

    If you feel you’re being disrespected then I accomplished my goal. If you don’t want your beliefs being disrespected, then get the hell out of this site.

    • “The only thing you can say is that I’m being rude,”

      And even if you are, it doesn’t match the rudeness of those that worship and agree with a god that’s going to torture you simply for not believing in him.

      Now THAT is rude…

  55. You’re goal was to make people feel disrespected.

    Good for you! I’m happy you found a goal in life. I don’t think you fully accomplished this though😀 I recommend you find a better goal that can do good for the world:)

    • Making people feel disrespected is a religous endeavor, certainly a big goal in religious life, so are you saying you don’t support an atheist taking up a religous endeavor? I recommend you find something better to do than condemning people to hell if they don’t renounce their love. It’s just inconsistent of you to remain so judgmental when you go to a church that was caught raping so many children, that’s all. But you’re above all that, right? LOL. Christian trying to pretend she’s not about disrespecting people. That’s all Christianity is. Oh, you’re not a woman, I just saw you’re name is Craig! You sound like a woman, pretending to be non-judgmental when it’s clear you live for it. So fake.

  56. Hey, Big Boss. I may not agree with the title of your page but you did say you made it to disrespect others and make them feel bad so whatever floats your boat, right. I just have to say though. Your comparison with symmetry and theism is a really bad example, buddy😦 I, myself disagree with the idea that babies are atheists. That’s not what atheism means. I’m totally not trying to be rude here so please don’t take offense!😀

    Don’t feel like explaining what a belief is because I’m lazy haha so here it is:

    You need to have knowledge about a particular thing before you can say you don’t believe in it. I mean, say you’re talking to a kid that has no knowledge about a god at all. So you come and explain to him what god is and sins and all that. So now he knows everything and he’s in a tough situation on whether or not to believe in god or not. If he chooses not to believe in god or any god for that matter, then its safe to say he’s an atheist.

    It just wouldn’t be right for him to say “I’m an atheist.” BEFORE he knew what a god was, right?

    And to every other Christian on here, you already said you wouldn’t comment anymore so just don’t comment. you say you dont want to waste your time yet you keep coming back. He didn’t ask you a question so no need to comment back..This page was made to be disrespectful like he said. I mean c’mon. It’s one page on the internet and you decide to pick on him? I’m sure he doesn’t want to have to fight back…it’s a waste of time for him I bet. It’s his page and I DO think he deserves to have the last comment.

    Other than that detail about babies, I agree with you on how they don’t belong on this page if they don’t want to be offended. Have a good day, Big Boss. And surely, I mean that sincerely. Not sarcastically like others on here.😀


    • You’re thinking is flawed. If he grew up and never met a Christian or any religion, never develops any myths or imaginary friends, is he STILL not an atheist? You’re giving in to a religous idea, that we only go against their religion out of defying it for sinful purposes etc. But the truth is, we can go against it because it is a lie. Simple as that. And I don’t think children grow up theists, outside of imaginary friends, which even a child knows aren’t real, but the adult religionist does not. So the child is definitely an atheist until he subscribes to a theism. without theism, you have atheism, that’s what the A mean,s it cancels out what comes after it. If a child never develops any sexual feelings, because he’s that percentage of the population that never does, you are to tell me that he isn’t asexual, he’s just never had sex to choose, so he’s some kind of neutral between a sexual and an asexual person? Nope, he’s born asexual. Children are born atheist until they give in to a religion. Are they born smart enough to know better when they are confronted with all the brainwashing? That’s a different question. In that sense, only the smartest kids are born atheist, because they can handle life, they don’t need a lie to get through it. The rest were bred to follow, those who don’t are persecuted, those who do are multiplied, so the numbers game always favors the dumb murder mob over the freethinking geniuses. They need to get organized and that won’t happen anymore, looks like the Internet is allowing that to happen like never before now. Religious people have always been organized, in their own mental slavery, a dumb hive if you will, but never before have intelligent people been able to connect and communicate freely before. So they’re terrified of us.

  57. Hi there, Big Boss. I have a sincere question not to spark an argument or be rude in any way. But I am just wondering. I would love a sincere true answer as well if you don’t mind.

    But, why do you want to offend people? You said your goal was to disrespect others. Why?

    Again I hope this doesn’t come across as an argument. It’s a true question I am wanting or curious to know the answer or your point of view. Sorry if it’s an obvious answer too or if you have already answered it in previous comments. I didn’t read everything on this page…it’s too much and it’ll make my eyes hurt! lol!😀 I truly am not a genus I have to admit that haha:)

    • Imagine someone bullies you at school. Would you do anything about it? If yes, then you probably already know the answer to question as to why he would want to disrespect the most disrespectful people in the world, Christians. By the way, like the Muslims, I don’t think it’s a sin to be a Christian per se, I just think acting on Christianity dooms you to hell. But I’m not being disrespectful to Christians or anything because I say so. Good luck never reacting to bullies in life!

  58. @Fellow Atheist

    You don’t have to explain what a belief is, I already did but it seems like you missed it. Atheism is not a belief. Your definition stems from the common misconception that atheism is a belief that God does not exist. It is not.

    You’re right, it wouldn’t make sense for someone to say they’re an atheist before they knew what God was, but atheism doesn’t require knowledge of God. It is simply a lack of belief. An atheist doesn’t have to know he’s atheist, he just is. Agnostics don’t even accept the term atheist but that’s what they are simply because they are not theists.

    I’m an atheist and while I am 100% certain that the Gods the jesus-warriors here believe in are completely false, you will never see me say that there is no such thing as a creator or some kind of being/s that created the universe. That is something that I can’t know and neither can anyone else. To profess belief in something like that would be moronic. But I do feel confident enough to say Jesus was not the son of God, that the God of the bible/Quran does not exist, that the bible and other shitty, I mean holy books are as fictional as Harry Potter. Why? Because religious apologists have provided no proof, no evidence and no reason whatsoever to be taken seriously. These beliefs are essentially no different than someone claiming that they’ve seen a unicorn but providing zero proof, and then telling non-believers to disprove THEIR unsupported claims. Are we supposed to respect them? Will the church of unicorns be tax exempt too?

    Your false definition would require me to deny the existence of even those which I am not able to deny. If I were to say that there was no creator, I would then be no different than the insane masses who believe with conviction that they know God exists and can speak with him. I’d be claiming to know knowledge that I couldn’t possibly know. That’s not my M-O.

    @Devin, because I felt like it.

  59. I’m atheist too but I’m pretty sure no one cares about your beliefs. They just wanted to troll on you about being respectful. And you fell for it. While they continue living their care free life of “ignorance” or whatever, you wasted your time with this page, showed every one that you are a douche, and wasted your time copying and pasting those links.

    Nice hobby and goal you have there. Please, make being a douche your career.

    • You sound like a douche, this page is hilarious and only exists because he pointed out how douchey religioinists are and you not knowing this cannot be an atheist, you’re a whiny, politically-correctionist, populist agnostic, might as well be a Christian at that point. At least they are only 99.99% hypocritical. You’re 100%

  60. CRAP! Sorry! This IS your page! I should have just let your comment be! Now you’re gonna have to comment again because you deserve the last word!

    BTW, I really like this page at the same time. It’s mildly entertaining. You should make another one. You bring in trolls of all kinds while being one yourself😀 Laughter is always nice:)

  61. The only ones who’ve wasted their time here were the jesus’warriors who came here on a mission to prove I was being disrespectful… and to tell me to be ‘nice’… Of course they ignore all the points I make and instead focus on something irrelevant… but that’s expected. They believe in invisible sky men with big beards… We cannot honestly hold them to the same standards as normal human beings. They’re a lower species who don’t deserve to exist.
    In fact, I believe Hitler had the right idea. His execution of that idea however was flawed. It wasn’t the Jews who needed to be rounded up, shot, killed and microwaved, it was the Christians. Yup!

    In the end, it doesn’t matter because none of you have disproved a single word I’ve stated. You can’t prove I’m wrong so you resort to criticizing my methods. I’m a big meanie so what I say is wrong by default. It doesn’t work that way. Go cry yourselves to sleep while your pastors molest your children. In fact, partake in the molestations yourselves. I’m sure you’d enjoy it you god fearing christiaknight you.

    You’re right about one thing though. Its my blog. I’ll get the last word… and I’ll also start deleting comments that don’t focus on the topic at hand. If you’re here to tell me how mean I’m being, then fuck off. You shouldn’t have read past the disclaimer if you’re too sensitive or too stupid to make a counter-argument.

    • Yes, we must be ‘nice’ when atheists have an opinion and when Christians have an opinion they kill you because you’re different. So yeah, they aren’t nice people anymore than the KKK is not a hate group, just because they say they aren’t. PR is not reality.

  62. “We cannot honestly hold them to the same standards as normal human beings. They’re a lower species who don’t deserve to exist.
    In fact, I believe Hitler had the right idea. His execution of that idea however was flawed. It wasn’t the Jews who needed to be rounded up, shot, killed and microwaved, it was the Christians. Yup!”

    Do you feel better about yourself by saying that? haha😀

  63. i believe that all niggers are of a vile subhuman species… they deserve to be enslaved, tortured, and beaten until they die…

    … racist??? hey hey hey, be polite and respect my beliefs…

    • Racist is the exact word for it. It’s not an insult if that’s what it actually is. Calling all Christians on earth is stupid. Get it right racist @gaygay252525.

      • you missed the point completely… this is why an atheist would say “no, i will not respect you idiotic/harmful god beliefs” do you respect racist beliefs? no.

        you might say that idiotic god beliefs arent the same as racist beliefs and i would agree, religious beliefs are much much worse and have harmed, enslaved, and killed more people.

  64. HUMANS and illnesses have caused more deaths than atheism and religion.

    Did you also know that men lead more murderous governments than women? That politicians have lead more wars than any other group of people? We should, by those correlations and logic, get rid of men and politicians.

    In America, hamburgers and french fries have killed off more people than any belief system. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in our country.

    No. I’m NOT just comparing racism and religion here. The bottom line is, the Christians should respect our (atheists) beliefs, Agnostic should respect your racist beliefs, and atheists should respect the Christians’ beliefs. And if one does not care to be “respectful” to anyone just because they don’t agree with your small understanding of the universe, then they are a very low life individual. Do we all need to go back to our mothers and learn what manners are. This page is created to be disrespectful and I understand that. And yeah, I’m bringing up “respect” and “niceness” because I don’t care about the reasons up there. They don’t offend me. I’m just annoyed that there’s actually humans in here with such thoughts…like that Hitler thought up there…c’mon! You people are the ones that make the world a horrible place. Let’s worry about better things instead of religion. But you’re still going to be disrespectful anyway. Might as well just give you your filthy web page to make you happy:) Whoever made this obviously needs a better hobby. Makes us atheists look bad. psh.

    • Your first sentence starts out with a lie. Religion used humans (duh) not spirits, to do all of it’s evil and atheism has not. Whatever you imagine humans did to be evil, that wasn’t in the name of god, was most likely in the name of god. So there’s that.

  65. Now feminist appeared?How do we know for certain that female will do bettter than men?I went to a cite before that was quite infamous old men feminist that support it and most of their reasoning is sum up by saying male rule failed and therefore lets try female.Avoiding all the facts that female are more vengeful and that most ‘female’ on male domestic violences are usually not told to other people because its unmanly.Also the only evidence that sprout that feminism was good is that they’re good to their kids and therefore would want good enviorment. When in reality today female while ‘good’ to their kid in some aspect hate competition and seeing other kids of other parent do better as badly as male.They don’t even allow you to feel ‘any’ better about having a gifted kid and want them all to fit the same mold.
    Female are more social than male and therefore even more fearful of rejection.This shows that the more or at least equally easily manipulated.

    If all of the above was not enough evidence for them or it put the’ feminist’ on the spot.

    They did regressed to saying that ‘female’ are contaiminated by male rule and in a female society it would be better?How?Even if what you say is true?The females of the current generation are already contaminated to death by males.Therefore the ‘female’ society of peace and love that you sprout will never come because even if we taught the kids/females future children to do what I say and not what I do.Actions speak louder than words and therefore the influence will never end.Which means you can use the excuse of males contamination forever and it would lead to worst things to come.

  66. Dude, calm down. First, I was giving an example. Second, I scanned your whole thing because that probably had nothing to do with my point (and if it did, I don’t care what it said). Third, I’m male. Congratulations on assuming I was female, dumb ass.

  67. LOL at Ter. I feel sorry for him/her. Ter can’t even spell “site” correctly. And their sentences are poorly typed. Just stumbled on this website because the title made me giggle. I find this sooo entertaining that a bunch of fools actually take all of this seriously and get their feathers all ruffled up. Go and get fresh air and do something with your life instead of getting offended by people who you’ll probably never meet and don’t matter at all in your life. But you all sure did give me a laugh. Thanks for that! Peace out!❤:)

  68. Ter, you make no sense. You speculated everything that “Annoyed” said. You went way off topic. It seems you just wanted to take out your anger on females lol. SOMEONE had a bad experience with girlfriends in the past (see my crazy assumption there?).

    This is about religion and how the maker of this shitty site thought that he/she is 100% right due to his/her little understanding on the universe when in reality, he/she is a one small person who has an opinion that is pretty much worthless. They just wanted to share their silly beliefs in life based on their “understanding.” Big deal. And then the Christians who came here just didn’t care about the “evidence” that the creator of this page said because nothing can sway them from their beliefs. They were basically trying to make the maker and every one else being disrespectful on this page KNOW that they were being disrespectful. All in all, everyone including me is wasting their time here. Silly website, silly people.

    Ter, I still question your intelligence. I worry for you, man. “Annoyed” was just using an example to make the other stupid ass understand his logic better and realize how silly it is. No where did it say that females are better than male. Read it again, sweety. And tell me where they said “Females do better than men.” Once you re-read it again with your first grade reading skills, tell someone else (I won’t be back here) that “Annoyed” is a ‘feminist’…..even though he just admitted being a BOY.

    Other than how Ter just made him look completely stupid, I think ‘Annoyed’ is correct. Let’s just leave this website…it’s silly. Let the immature people continue talking trash because honestly, it’s not doing anything. And let’s enjoy life. Agreed. I thought so.😉

    Happy 4th of July!!!! Let’s celebrate on all of us being ONE instead of arguing! We are all victims of a battle we don’t have to fight!

    So long…😉

  69. If God has a son, surely there would be someone up there with him, meaning that there are actually two gods.

  70. Hey , I’m what you guys would call a “christian”.
    It sucks that you guys have religious people paint such a hideous and arrogant life of following Jesus looks like and i am sorry that you all seem to have negative connotations towards Christ.
    Everyone of you is awesome and loved and i hope you all have an awesome weekend!!

    • You Christians are so fake. You hate everyone, the love speech is the opening, then later, it’s “kill the gays” “enslave the blacks” and “rape the women” and forever send your children to the middle east to die for oil at the hands of your Muslim twins. Why don’t you off yourselves? It would be great for America if you all just went away and left the brained people to run things.

  71. There is some people I know who are highly religious and I mean HIGHLY. Everytime I get a text from them it either hascsomething to do with religion or church activities. Its so annoying! All they think about is God and nothing else! And when I try to tell them I don’t wanna go they don’t take no forcan answer…its just like….LEAVE ME ALONE!

  72. Jesus was a slick talking magician. He pulled a rabbit out of a hat and the monkeys where impressed. Without education and evolution… we are all monkeys.

  73. I love religion. I love the fact that over 90% of the population are so easily led to believe pure nonsense. I’m a retired marketing consultant.

  74. “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” I believe that explains all religious sects, pray pray and pray, nothing happens, lets pray some more; i do believe in a higher power, but not religion, if there was a god, and i wont say one way or the other because my belief isn’t proof in it of itself, he or she gave us everything we will ever need at birth, as a species it is up to us to take the next steps, and religion chains our ankles and makes us stumble, when at this point in society, we should have already been running.

  75. I agree with you, Jesse. I am not a fan of religion itself. I just love God. Humanity is turning God’s love for us into something horrible. I know you may not believe in God or Jesus. You believe in some higher power. It’s just today, people are so horrible. And about praying…praying isn’t just asking for something. It’s not a form of wishing from a genie. It’s to just praise God Himself. I know it helps me sometimes. It makes sense to some while it doesn’t make sense to others. I understand.

    Anyway, I love you all and have a wonderful Sunday!

    • If you’re not a fan of religion, then which religion is it that you don’t like that convinced you god is real, yet the rest of it is crap?

      And you don’t even know what god is. And yet you claim to love him? And isn’t God an ‘it’? And how can you love something that never communicated with you, never appeared to you, and you don’t even know what it is?

  76. Please tell me this is a joke. Just a rant, and not an actual “study”. If it’s a study, it is a failure.

    \\You put facts in front of them and they either do not understand them or will ignore them.\\ <— Just a claim with nothing to support it.

    \\…if at any moment in your life, you had to choose between homosexuality and heterosexuality, you are neither. Instead you are bisexual.\\ <— That doesn't even make sense as far as I can tell.

    \\They claim homosexuality is unnatural even though it occurs in nature\\ I never claim it is "unnatural". But rape and the eating of feces also occur in nature. So the argument that being "natural" makes it okay fails anyway.

    [[Disclaimer: The above statement is simply pointing out that the argument fails. Not that I have a problem with one's sexual preference.]] <— So if you respond, do it logically, attacking the argument instead of making insults about homophobia.

    \\Marriage has been around far longer than today’s religions, including Christianity.\\ <— Older than "TODAY'S RELIGION". Not older than religion. And Christianity didn't come about until the new testament, but marriage was in the old testament. Marriage may or may not be a "religious institution", but being older than Christianity (and "todays religion") is another failed argument to support that claim.

    \\That is an actual comment from a religious nutcase…\\ <— That is a circumstantial ad hominem, using someone's prejudice to discredit the argument.

    \\Debating them is a waste of time because they are stupid.\\ <— A personal attack but not an argument valid for any "study".

    I could go on, but there's really no need. This "study" fails to follow any method or structure and is backed up by nothing but subjective claims.

    • Wow you are stupid, Mindviolence. How can I respond to someone who can’t understand plain English? If a person wants to have sex with both sexes, and therefore has to choose between one or the other to ‘fit in’, that makes them actually bisexual, what is wrong with you that you cannot grasp that? It is plain ENGLISH! If you want to have sex with men and women, you’re bisexual! GOD YOU RELIGIOUS PEOPLE ARE SO WILLFULLY STUPID THAT I HAVE TO USE THE WORD GOD TO DESCRIBE HOW UNBELIEVABLE IT IS!

  77. So… you thought this was actually a study…? Is that right? Welp, thanks for proving my “study’s” point.

    Let me go through them with you point by point then.

    1.) I was speaking from experience. I’ve been in many, many, many of these ‘arguments’ and more often than not, the Christian/Muslim apologist will simply ignore common sense in favor of bullshit explanations.

    2.) If course it makes sense, which is precisely why you don’t understand it. Go ahead, think about it. Its only logical. A gay person cannot choose to be straight. A straight person cannot choose to be gay. However, if you CAN choose either of these two, then the logical reason for why you can choose is that you’re attracted to both.

    3.) Sure, I could’ve worded it better but it doesn’t take away from my ultimate point, which is that homosexuality is natural. The primary argument against it being that gays can choose. Well of the observed animal species that partake in homosexual behavior, none have the capacity to choose their sexuality.

    4.) Ta-MAY-toe, Ta-Mah-toe…

    5.) Yeah, and? And LOL, what argument? There is none to be had.

    6.) And an accurate personal attack as well.

    You’re right, there really is no need because this blog post wasn’t created to argue. As I’ve said, my days of taking religious arguments seriously are long over.

  78. “So… you thought this was actually a study” <— Wouldn't surprise me. There are people that stupid.

    1) Really? I've been in allot as well and from my experience, that applies to most people on both sides of the convo, both theist and atheist. That's a fact. Most either follow pastors and common church belief, or universities teachers and science articles faithfully. One blatant example is denying that there is evidence of design in nature (evidence is different from proof). Those who follow mainstream ideas (religious or otherwise) are rejecting self thought and critical thinking.

    Stupidity is evident in most people. I can't even get a hamburger without pickles most of the time anymore. It's irrelevent to whether or not someone is atheist regardless of your implication that atheists are some class of "intellectual elites".

    2) That's a little more elaborate.

    3) Regardless, whether or not something is "natural" has no relevence to right or wrong.

    4) Your logic indicates that because it's older than Christianity (and today's religion), it must not be a religious institution. Proof that the stupidity is predominant on both sides of the fence.

    5) "What argument?" <— Why would you even ask? You argument that "religious people are stupid".

    Argument – Noun
    A course of reasoning aimed at demonstrating truth or falsehood. (ie "He presented a careful argument for extraterrestrial life.")

    6) Stupidity is obvious in the majority of the human race. Your claim that intelligence is rellevent to whether or not someone is religious is a clear demonstration of that.

    Atheists even have a habit of faithfully copying and pasting bogus info like the Horus/Jesus comparison, or the Mithra Jesus comparison, or the Gilgamesh flood BS without doing their research all the while claiming to be "self thinkers". The same thing applies for scientific evidence like Dawkins BS on the recurrent laryngeal nerve of the giraffe. Most of them even pretend to "question everything" while the only thing they really question is religion.

    "this blog post wasn’t created to argue" <— If I were to do a rant about atheists, I would just expect that they will have couter comments below. And if you reply to my comments below, there is a good chance that i will respond back. Open discussions are a good thing.

  79. 1.) Sure, but the ignorance is much more widespread among the religious. The very nature of their belief is based on faith, otherwise known as ignorance. To have faith is to believe without any evidence, without any facts. It is to be willfully ignorant.

    Science articles or scripture? Lol, what is more likely to have any bit of substantiated evidence to support it? .

    2.) Didn’t need to be. It was clear as day the first time. All you really had to do was think about it.

    3.) Sure… but you’re arguing a useless point. If anybody were to take it any further than that, like they usually do, they will be eviscerated very easily. So what if something being natural has no bearing on right or wrong? What exactly is the point of saying something like that if I wasn’t arguing that it being natural makes it right? The simple fact is it occurs in nature, so that kills the argument that it is unnatural (furthermore, even if no other animal species partook in this, we humans are ourselves a natural, animal species). Whether its right or wrong is something else, even though those against it can’t really see the difference of the time. As to it being right or wrong, this again is where we need to use our common sense a little bit. Who gets hurt by two guys fucking eachother’s diarrhea-holes? Huh? One or both guy’s asses might be a little sore afterward, but what is its overall impact on society? Is it a detriment to their neighbors? If Bill Maher fucked Cornel West in the ass, would Michael Eric Dyson die? I don’t get it. Is someone’s well-being harmed by two consenting females scissoring? The claim that two consenting adults being in a relationship and having sex could ever be wrong is absolutely absurd. There is no argument here at all. Notice also that I didn’t say its right. Because I don’t think that way. Its either wrong or neutral, few things are right.

    4.) Okay, religious or not, it isn’t a Christian institution which is really what I meant anyway since the argument against gay marriage in America is mostly instigated by Christians who believe the Christian religion dictates marriage as between man and woman. Again, I could’ve worded it better but it doesn’t change anything.

    5.) “\\That is an actual comment from a religious nutcase…\\ <— That is a circumstantial ad hominem, using someone's prejudice to discredit the argument.”

    Again, what argument? There is no argument against gay marriage and there is no argument in favor of religion. You can formulate a bunch of words, sentences and paragraphs and try pass it off as an argument, but logic favors no one who advocates either.

    6.) Stupidity is apparent in most of the human race? Now THAT is something we can definitely agree on. Most of the human race is religious is it not?:)

    Bah, I made little effort to distinguish the non-extremists from the true religious people. In my view, the non-extremists are simply mafia wives who allow their more vocal bunch all the air time. Furthermore, whether one is a fence-sitting non-extremist or a true follower of his or her faith, the simple fact remains that in both cases, their belief is based on faith, otherwise known as ignorance. From that point alone, I can justifiably call all religious people idiots.

    Bleh, I’m no biologist so I tend to stay away from the scientific aspect, but I don’t really need it anyway. I tend to fare well enough with my simple common sense. A little bit of common sense is all anyone needs to abandon religion..

  80. So much yes.
    And also, when they do terrible things but say it’s ok because they’re Christians and will be forgiven. But if an atheist did the same thing, they’d tell them they’re going to hell.

  81. That was awesome! Christians are total morons, they really are stupid as fuck! Its a powerful mind control method used to brainwash the majority of society. through this,attention and belief in actual truths is diverted and everyone becomes a fucking robotic zealot waving around a “mother goose” esque tome ranting and killing each other over imaginary wizards that live in the sky…pretty fucking stupid right!? When we the masses are finally given full disclosure on the constant and infinite interactions with higher extremely intelligent beings who have been roaming the known universe for billions of years, christians,muslims, jews and other brainwashed idiots will feel like total fucking morons an hopefully they’ll all fuck straight off and hopefully die off like the virus that they are! The world is already full of billions of worthless unintelligent mongrels that breed an consume but DO NOT do anything to better the human race..

  82. The christians greatest trick, was convincing the world that the devil exsists.

    well…..”i’m not afraid of a god that does’nt exsist.”

  83. I am so fucking fed up with this religious bullshit. People keep telling me that I have to respect the beliefs of religious people, but I can’t because religious people are still damaging this world and our lives. The Muslims are an obvious example of religious people continuing to damage our lives but the Christians are guilty to. Here’s a list of all the ways religion continues to fuck with us.

    * On Sunday if I want to hang out with my friends before the week begins I’ll end up being late to the destination because of traffic problems caused by all the Christians leaving church.
    * Religious parents try to get certain shows like Family Guy banned because oh how shocking and horrifying would it be for their kids to be exposed to anti-religious views.
    * Religious people trying to get creationism taught in school (no thanks I’ll just take a course in mythology).
    * Being told that religion is a comfort to people despite the fact that the whole concept is a vicious fucking deity who sends you to burn in hell if you don’t believe every word of a stupid book that tells stories of talking snakes and parting oceans.
    * Any of these “think of the children” panics.
    * The fact that they don’t “think of the children” themselves. Instead telling them they are going to burn in eternal torture and flames if they don’t believe in a false deity.
    * The tendency that religious people have to like guns a lot and think it’s alright for them to shoot wildly into the air or into the woods without realizing that those fucking bullets go somewhere and could kill someone; like this one poor 7 year old at a Fourth of July party near my house.

    I could go on but I think I’ve said enough. Basically, religion irritates me.

  84. I don’t get it, it says: You will be offended….bold statement which is totally untrue. I agree with every word…except the swearing actually, but still that doesn’t really offend me.

    Simple way to deal with religious people: ‘You believe? Easterbunny or Santa Claus?

  85. There are a couple of questions you can ask religious retards

    1. If you die and find out there is no god, what are going to do?
    2. If god comes to earth and says that none got the religion right, what are you going to do?

  86. This isn’t a study. Just as bad as dumb, innacurate headlines on religious sites.

    You should aim to be better and more truthful.

  87. Interesting read. I have to say, while I choose to be a kind person, for selfish reasons really, it makes me feel good, I do view anyone who believes in religion to be gullible and lacking basic common sense as well as being unable to think critically for themselves. Anyone who reads any of these fantastical stories and believes them has the mentality of the ones who wrote it. Those same people believed the world was flat. In fact I simply cannot bring myself to believe that these people, who thought the sun revolved around a flat Earth, that was the center of the universe, had any understanding of the universe or its origins, at all, in any way whatsoever. I also see the point of this is to disrespect back that which has disrespected all life so heavily as religion. This god, over and over in all these fantastical stories is a fucking psychopath with an insecurity complex that is astounding. A cruel, child killing, punishing control freak who will make you burn in eternal agony and suffering for the slightest thing unless you grovel, but loves us so much. What kind of insane shit is that? The fact is, for thousands of years the atrocities in the name of god have piled up so high that this blogger decided to be disrespectful back. So what? He is right, religion does not deserve respect. I respect people, and like I said, I am kind but the fact is if you are religious, I don’t respect your religion one bit and while I may not say it to your face I think of you as gullible. How many innocents have died and suffered due to religion? How much genocide? How many cultures destroyed just in Native America alone? Nope, religion is a method of control and if you allow yourself to be controlled by it then not only are you gullible but you are also weak and lazy, yes lazy, too lazy to think for yourselves and take responsibility for your lives. God and Satan are not playing tug of war in some imaginary otherworld over your lives, your small, individual lives. Simple common sense is all that is needed to see that religion is bullshit and if you lack that all the book learning in the world will not make you intelligent. Intelligence is not how much information you have in your head, it is knowing how to think for yourselves and religious people have imaginary friends and enemies doing everything for them and about them. It seems to me to be an ego thing, allowing yourself to believe in these beings, so powerful, fighting over your souI. It is a bit pitiful. Also, as far as morals go, I do not need to be threatened with eternal damnation nor do I need a false father figure watching my every move to be a moral person. I have empathy, which is a sign of intelligence and so who is the more moral person? If you believe atheists are immoral because they do not believe in religion that tells me that without it you would be immoral. You lack empathy and are therefore unintelligent. I see this blog as stating just that. It did not state it kindly, and it was not meant to. Since when has religion been kind to anyone who is not on board with them? Anyone who claims their religion is a religion of peace, Christian, Muslim etc does not know their own religious history. It is sordid and sick, brutal, genocidal, enslaving, murderous and above all CONTROLLING. That is what it comes down to, control. That is why people were burned alive in public after being marched from diocese to diocese with stones thrown at them. Publicly humiliated and ostracized to strike fear into the hearts of doubters. This was also why children were taken from their homes and forced to go to religious schools while their parents were enslaved or killed. To know religion’s true history is to lift the veil of bullshit and see that man created god in his own image, cruel, controlling and bloodthirsty. I realize this is an older thread but the fact that I stumbled on it and actually read the whole thing means that maybe others will too and this post of mine is for them. No matter what side you are on, hate is harmful and the church has spread more hate than this thread ever will so just look at the facts. The facts involving religion and its history of violence, discrimination, and genocide, right there should be a big red flag and if you cannot see that then like the article said, you are stupid.

  88. If someone is religious, they can be religious about anything, it’s merely a set of beliefs a person chooses to live by, and it is a choice, you can choose to follow a religion of truth seeking, as philosophers do, however people of the Christian, and Muslim religion and any other religion that proposes an absurd unprovable theory that some imaginary being exists and created the world are not stupid people, allow me to explain. These very same people are actually sometimes, and I repeat sometimes, very intelligent, there are Christian scientist, professors, business men, investors, inventors, entrepreneurs, masters at math, physics, biology and ask the other arts. These smart Christians are mere intelligent cowards, they do not have the courage to admit that their beliefs are flawed, they fear the the idea, and the more prevalent notion, almost fact, that there is no God, at least not their cookie cut version, they don’t want to except that nature is neutral and that life is not fair, that their version of justice isn’t nature’s version, they are scared to believe that this is the only life in so far as we know (which is what makes it valuable). Remember: Intelligent cowards.

  89. Here I was thinking I might be reading some kind of interesting article and not a pro gay nonsense propaganda piece. Don’t get me wrong I don’t believe in God but I don’t believe homosexuality is okay either, and it only seems to rear its scientifically flawed head in human societies as socially acceptable when the opulence has reached extreme levels such as Roman times and modern times

  90. Actually, there are reasons people flock to a belief in a non provable sky being and it’s the same reason people have been doing it for thousands of years with only the particulars changed around a little.
    They have primitive brains and really, that’s it.
    They will die off as all people do never actually adding to the betterment of humanity.
    They will always seek to cover the bad stuff they do with excuses and never taking responsibility because it’s OK, God forgives them.
    We know they are blind dead people walking and hey, as long as they stay the hell away from people in their little cult like buildings talking at a cross with some 2000 year old guy nailed to it and leave us alone, then cool.
    Those of us that choose to live in the light of knowledge and know the truth are the lucky ones. We don’t expend all that energy worried that a devil is after us and we don’t worry about pissing off God when we fail. Just think how much we get done in a day compared to those people.
    Almost no Christians are scientists, doctors or lawyers. Most of the world consistsof people that do not practice a religion at all. Out of the 7.378 billion on earth only maybe 800,000 that actually really wholeheartedly believe in an actual God and are willing to die for the belief. The rest have a realistic view of it and are traditionalists who carry on a holiday attitude about it going to church or temple or mosque to appease their parents and for social reasons.
    The crazy ones are who we need to deal with! Those should get rounded up, put on a cruise ship, set adrift and nailed with a torpedo 1000 miles away from land.

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