MGS1 Translation Error – Big Boss was never in a coma!

Big Boss from Peace Walker

Big Boss from Peace Walker

So you read The Snake Soup’s Myth article about how Liquid Snake’s line, “but father was wounded in combat and already in a coma when they brought him in” in Metal Gear Solid was but a mistranslation and figured, ‘welp, that’s that’? Well apparently, despite the evidence, some people were not convinced.

Take a look at this topic:

For his article, Ravi contacted Marc, admin of the Junker HQ (a site known for it’s video game translations) and who is known for translating Policenauts (another Hideo Kojima game, for those unaware), for clarification. Marc translated the original Japanese text a follows:

“”But a war injury rendered father sterile, so they created us from his cells… with a combination of 20th century analog cloning and the Super Baby Method.”

*Note* That’s not the exact quote from Marc. I can’t get the quote because for some reason, The Snake Soup is down but that is the jist of it. Marc translated it saying that a war injury left Big Boss sterile, instead of the official translation stating he was in a coma when his DNA was obtained.

Here is the original Japanese text:

だが親父は戦場 で負傷?すでに不能 者だった?だから俺 達は親父の体細胞を 使って造られた。前 世紀のアナログクロ ーン技術とスーパー ベイビー法によって。

Iraqi Insurgents flat out deny the veracity of Marc’s translation though, simply because they have a beef with Ravi and The Snake Soup. Ravi is a bit of an elitist dick, I admit that but aren’t we all at some point? I know I am, just look at this classic Watchman blog entry. I am at my dickitiest most. Whatever the case, that’s certainly no reason to trash Marc, is it?

Big Boss Assemble The Men_480x272

1.) After all, Marc is a neutral party in the matter who has worked, at least by hobby, as a video game translator. If he understands the language to such a degree that he is able to work as a translator, then I think that is enough to go on.

2.) I went on my own quest to unravel the mysteries of this mistranslation, and along the way I found a friendly village (web forum) known as Japan Reference (or simply, JREF). I asked a humble commoner of this village, who is fluent in the Japanese tongue, to shed light on my dilemma. I showed him the original Japanese text, and without having any knowledge of Metal Gear Solid, this neutral party who had nothing to gain, translated it exactly as Marc from Junker HQ had:

The literal translation is:

“But father was injured on the battlefield. He was already impotent. Thus we were created using father’s somatic cells, through analog cloning technology from last century and the super baby method.”

3.) This so called coma is never again mentioned, aside from in The Twin Snakes which is a remake of Metal Gear Solid. Who knows why this coma error was not corrected for the TTS remake translation, but one thing you need to consider is that at the time, Big Boss being in a coma did not conflict with any otherrts of the story. Perhaps the translators thought it sounded cooler or what have you. It is only a heated issue now because people are confusing it with the 9 year coma that Big Boss falls into in the yet to be released Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. For those of you not in the know, they cannot be the same coma because the LET project (the cloning) had already occurred several years prior to when MGSV takes place. Further more, The Twin Snakes is a Nintendo exclusive game and is often brushed aside. It was excluded from the HD collection, from the Essential Collection and now also from the Legacy Collection. It’s importance to the series is non-existent. Besides this remake, the coma is never heard from again. Not even in Peace Walker, which takes place a mere couple of years after the coma was supposed to have taken place. All the same, it doesn’t really matter because the coma is not mentioned in the original Japanese work. That’s what counts here.

4.) The most damning evidence of all though can be found in Nastasha Romanenko’s book, In The Darkness of Shadow Moses. This ‘book’ was featured in Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance. It is a retelling of the events of Metal Gear Solid from Nastasha’s perspective. In it, Romanenko of course does not mention the coma, but what she does say should be enough proof to shut up anyone who still doubts that the coma is a mistranslation, or believes that it has somehow since become a valid part of the canon.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

Excerpt from In The Darkness of Shadow Moses

Excerpt from In The Darkness of Shadow Moses

“Big Boss was, however, incapable of reproducing, a result of past war injuries. As a result, his body cells were harvested for a cloning attempt.”

This OFFICIAL AND CANON translation corresponds nicely with the translations given by Marc and the JREF user. All 3 of these translations are too similar to be coincidental. In 1, Big Boss is sterile, in the 2nd, he is Impotent and in the 3rd he is unable to reproduce. However, in none of these is he in a coma.

It’s all pretty clear cut you’d think, right? But no, these stubborn fools just won’t let it go.

To try (in vain) to save face, some detractors try to say that since the coma was never mentioned in the original, that it was then never said to have not occurred, which means that it is possible that it did occur. What the fuck kind of moronic bullshit is this? That may be logically true, but then there are also a shit-load of other possibilities that become apparent. Who knows, perhaps Big Boss was pounding the hell out of Paramedic’s vajayjay one night and he cumdid inside her? Maybe that’s how the Patriots obtained his DNA? After all, it is never mentioned so it MUST be a possibility too! Oh, Oh, Oh, I know! Aliens did it!!! Aliens came down, took his DNA and gave it to the Patriots. Its never mentioned either so maybe it DID happen!?! Dun duh Duuuuun!

You people are fucking morons!

Below is a direct link to The Snake Soup’s coma article, but all I get is a webpage about the SOPA act.


2 comments on “MGS1 Translation Error – Big Boss was never in a coma!

  1. Did my argument with Antii on MGSForums give you the inspiration for that last paragraph?
    I hope we’re not talking about separate events here, because that would mean more people think like him…

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